Meet Information

MEET OF CHAMPIONS Boys - all events beginning @ 10am:February 25, 2017Girls - all events beginning @ 10am:February 26, 2017Boys 200 Meter RankingsGirls 200 Meter RankingsBoys 4x800 Meter RankingsGirls 4x800 Meter RankingsTo qualify for the 200 meter Showcase and the 4x800 meter relay: The top 24 boys and top 24 girls as ranked (and entered) on this Milesplit page will be invited to participate. The invitation has to be accepted (entered) by 12:00 Noon on Monday, February 13, 2017. The events will be run in lanes 3, 4, 5, and 6, which is the reason for using 24 as the optimal numbers of entries. This entry page is open to EVERYONE, entering this page means that you accept the invitation and the top 24 entered will be accepted. The 200 meter only accepts F.A.T. performances, no hand times. Running EventsReminder: First Events close 20 minutes prior to the listed Start Time for the Meet.Violation of the spike rules will result in disqualification from the meet and $150 fine, payable to the Bennett Center.1. 4x800 Showcase Final2. 400 Meter Dash Final on Time3. 1600 Meter Run Final on Time4. 55 Meter High Hurdles Trials#5. 55 Meter Dash - Trials6. 800 Meter Run Final on Time7. 200 Meter Dash Showcase (Final on Time)(Lanes 1 and 2 will not be used)8. 55 Meter High Hurdles Finals9. 55 Meter Dash Finals10. 3200 Meter Run Final on Time11. 4x400 Meter Relay Final on Time#Eight (8) fastest times advance to the finals. NOTE: PHOTO-TIMER (FinishLynx) IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY FORTIME AND/OR PLACE (when available).FIELD EVENTSReminder: First Events close 20 minutes prior to the listed Start Time for the Meet.+High Jump (Starting Height: 21th Place from Group Meet Performance List)For the HIGH JUMP, each elevation will be two inches ,+Shot Put Will take place inside the BubbleSHOES: 1/8 pyramid spikes permitted except in shot put.Snow Dates Monday, February 27, 2017 & Tuesday, February 28, 2017