10 Questions With - Jeramy Elkaim

"10 Questions With" Jeramy Elkaim


Jeramy certainly had a memorable year in 2009 – 2010.  He PRed three times at 1600m, with a best of 4:12.89 at his outdoor sectional.  In the 3200m, he ran 9:12.20 at the indoor groups, then a huge 9:00.95 at the indoor MOC.   Outdoors a 9:00.41 at the Groups was followed up by an 8:46.08 nation leading time and a win over Joe Rosa.  That time broke Craig Forys MOC meet record of 8:56.14. 


Jeramy took a break from summer XC training to answer some questions for us.


1.     What is your favorite sport – XC or Track?


Even though I’ve had more success in track I still prefer XC because of the whole team concept.  It has brought my teammates and I closer together because we never want to let each other down.


2.     What do you like to do most when you’re not running?


I love to hang out with my friends even though some of my guy friends do track and XC, a bunch of my friends don’t and I like to spend as much time with them as possible because there are times that they get too much in the way.


3.     What is your favorite workout?  The one that when you are finished you feel like you just conquered the world and that you can do anything.


My favorite workout is when we do 5x1000s in XC because I do them a little faster then race pace with 200 meter jog rest and when I finish those and feel good it makes me feel like nothing can stop me.


4.     What is the best movie you have seen in the past year?


The best movie I’ve probably seen in the past year is the Hangover because every time I see it I seem to laugh every time at every scene.


5.     What was the most important thing you learned at XC camp in Oregon this July?


The most important thing I learned in Oregon was that I should control each particular run I do by breathing rather than any other factors such as my legs or stomach, which is the way I used to before.


6.     Who is the singer/band that makes your hair hurt when you hear their music?


The worst singer out there right now is Miley Cyrus.  When I hear her voice it’s so nasally that I just want to turn off the radio.


7.     What would you do differently running-wise last year if you could?


The one thing I would do differently with last year was during summer training I got sick and then I just jumped right back into what I was doing in mileage and then I just had knee problems for the rest of the season a month later.


8.     What is your biggest accomplishment in Track/XC?


My biggest accomplishment in track is when I beat Joe Rosa at MOC last spring. Because I ran 8:46 in a way that most people don’t run 8:46 and it just felt amazing to win my first MOC title.


9.     What are you looking for in a college?  Size, quality of academics, athletics, location, etc.


For college I don’t have that many requirements I just want a good education and good athletics.  Running wise though I want a team that I can be friends with and enjoy to be with and a good coach that I can connect with and talk to.


10. Who is your favorite Livingston High School alum?  There are some really famous ones out there.


My favorite LHS alum is Jason Alexander because he was a great actor in Seinfeld and he is just insanely funny.  He is pretty much an average guy from LHS who was found for being an average, funny guy.


Jeramy Ekkaim Wins the NJ Meet of Champions 3200m in a Meet Record and Nation leading time of 8:46.08


*Cover Photo: Elkaim at Garret Mtn. during 2009 Sectional Race


Photos by: MaroonNews