Dual Meet Results Format And Submission

If hosting a small hand recorded meet without a timer or results program, such as a dual, please use this format for submitting results to the site. This article is directed at Meet Directors and Coaches who have the permission levels to post meet pages.

These meets must be officiated and must include all teams involved, can be full meet or a consistent cutoff for places included. Please use full names not initials or the stats will not be entered as we won't know who to credit with the performance.

With duals please include all teams involved in the meet page name, including your team (title ex: Dual: Somewhere HS vs Elsewhere HS).

Download if using excel, if using Google sheets then create a copy.

Results Format Track And Field

To setup your meet page go to Registration > Setup Meet on the menu. You'll find the meet creation page, put in your meets name, HS level, location, host.

If you aren't using registration just designate you don't want it when prompted. 

When you go to post results as the host of your meet page go to Add Content and select 'Results' and you can copy paste them there. Label them Boys Results, Girls Results, Full Results as appropriate.

*COPY PASTE* the actual results to the body field, linking the results google sheet is not what that source field does. That's just for admin side reference when needed. The actual table of excel / google sheet results is what needs to be posted in the body field. Thank you!

If you post the day of or day after the meet we should see it but if you post after that point make sure to send us a heads up so we don't miss it.

If you found this article during cross country season here is a link for those meets specifically as well.

Results Format Cross Country