Big Weekend! Week 3 Recap and Highlights

Rumson JV and Varsity girls win CJ Shootout. Photo courtesy of Thomas Miller

Central Jersey Shootout (NJ)

NJ Top Boy Rivera, Rey Old Bridge 15:59
NJ Top Girl Suss, Rachel Metuchen 18:50
NJ Boys Team Old Bridge 1st in Merge 36 pts 1+3+8+10+14 | 55 Split | 16:31 Avg
NJ Girls Team Rumson-Fair Haven 1st in Merge 77pts 9+11+15+18+24 | 1:06 Split 20:42 Avg

Rey Rivera of Old Bridge opened up the leading times of the meet with a 15:59 to win the Stud Race by over 10 seconds! Not only that but on the all-time list he now ranks #1 since the meet took off in 2009! The first to break 16 minutes! His teammates fed off that success posting the best team performance, 1st in the merge results scoring 36 points 1+3+8+10+14, only splitting 55 seconds between them! They also averaged 16:31. Old Bridge senior Gerard D'Ambrosio now ranks 10th all-time for the meet with his 16:22 performance and third overall for the day. The rest of the Old Bridge top five went as follows; Sean Hobson 8th in merge at 16:38, Gerard Gill 10th 16:40, and Tai Smith 14th 16:53.

Rachel Suss had the fastest girls time overall with her 18:50 to win the "Studette" race, around 30 seconds faster than the next best time! She now ranks fourth all-time for the meet.

Rumson-Fair Haven just continues to roll with another victory at the Shootout, when looking at the merge results they scored 77 points going 9+11+15+18+24 and averaging 20:42. The Rumson girls were led by senior Becca Ley who ranked 9th on the day at 20:07. To finish out their top five; Sarah Nelson 11th overall at 20:22, Emily Hellman 15th 20:50, Julia Tambaro 18th 20:58, and Charlotte Miller 24th 21:12.

Both Old Bridge and Rumson Fair Haven have such deep teams that they won the Varsity and Junior Varsity meets without a problem.