Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

CLOSES May 2 @ 11:59PM

Registration help:

Morris County Judy Sherrer Frosh-Soph Relays: GIRLS

Morris County Frosh-Soph Relays: BOYS

1. DATE: Thursday  May 6, 2021 

2. PLACE: Randolph High School

3. TIME: 4:30pm

4. FEE: $20.00/running relay          $18.00/field event relay

5. MILE SPLIT ENTRIES: Online Entry Due on: Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 11:59pm



c/o Kevin Higgins

11 Alexander Dr

Randolph, NJ 07869 

7. FIELD EVENTS: 3 Person Relays

8. COMBINED FROSH-SOPH Any combination of Freshmen & Sophomores. This rule applies to all girls

EVENTS: events, all boys field events, and the boys Shuttle Hurdles & Sprint Medley.

9. AWARDS: Medals for places 1 - 6 & Team Trophy


A. Make sure every Frosh-Soph traveling on the bus is entered in the meet.  

B. Click off any 3 names for each field event relay you wish to create. This will generate the fees for the invoice. 

Entering a running relay creates the invoice.  We need the names to create a Team Roster.  Once we have all your names, your entry is complete. Just enter the running relays WITHOUT names.

D. If you have pre-entered a running relay lineup, you will not be bound to only those names listed. 

E. Do not put extra athletes in the Field Event Relays. Every athlete entered will cost you $6.00. Ex You want to enter the SP Relay with 1 team.  Just enter 3 names, if you are not sure about who will be throwing on that day, put the extra athletes in a running event so that they are on your roster.  If you are entering 2 teams, you must enter 6 names.


4:30 FR-SO-G Shuttle Hurdles  

4:45 FR-SO-B Shuttle Hurdles  

5:00 FR - B 4 x 200m

5:10 FR-SO-G 4 x 200m  

5:20 SO - B 4 x 200m  

5:30 FR - B Distance Medley  

5:45 FR-SO-G Distance Medley  

6:00 SO - B Distance Medley  

6:15 FR - B 4 x 100m  

6:25 FR-SO-G 4 x 100m  

6:35 SO - B 4 x 100m  

6:45 FR-SO-G Sprint Medley  

7:00 FR-SO-B Sprint Medley  

7:15 FR - B 4 x 800m  

7:30 FR-SO-G 4 x 800m  

7:45 SO - B 4 x 800m  

8:00 FR - B 4 x 400m   

8:10 FR-SO-G 4 x 400m  

8:20 SO - B 4 x 400m  

8:30 (Finished)

Field Events:

FR-SO-B Shot Put 4:30pm

FR-SO-G Shot Put

FR-SO-B Discus

FR-SO-G Discus

FR-SO-B Javelin

FR-SO-G Javelin

FR-SO-B High Jump

FR-SO-G High Jump

FR-SO-B Long Jump

FR-SO-G Long Jump

FR-SO-B Pole Vault

FR-SO-G Pole Vault

FR-SO-B Triple Jump (follows Long Lump)

FR-SO-G Triple Jump (follows Long Jump)