Union County Individual Championship 2018

Jersey City, NJ

Meet Information

Union County Interscholastic Athletic Conference

2018 Boys & Girls Indoor Track & Field Championships

Saturday, January 27th 8:30 pm

Jersey City Armory

Order of Events

Field Events 8:30 am

Girls High Jump starting height 4 4

Boys High Jump starting height 5 4 (after the completion of the girls)

Boys Shot Put (Top 7 to the Finals)

Girls Shot Put (Top 7 to the Finals) (after the completion of the boys)

Running Events 9:00 am Seeded heat last!!

400M Girls (Final on Time)

400M Boys (Final on Time)

1600M Girls (Final on Time)

55HH Trials Girls (7 Fastest to the Finals)

55HH Trials Boys (7 Fastest to the Finals)

1600M Boys (Final on Time)

55HH Finals Girls

55HH Finals Boys

800M Girls (Final on time)

800M Boys (Final on time)

55M Trials Girls (7 Fastest to the Finals)

55M Trials Boys (7 Fastest to the Finals)

3200M Girls (Final on time)

55M Finals Girls

55M Finals Boys

3200M Boys (Final on time)

4x400M Girls (Final on time)

4x400M Boys (Final on time)

Meet Information

SEATING AREA by the finish line is OFF LIMITS!!!


Scoring & Awards:

10. 8. 6. 4. 2. 1

Trophy awarded to the 1st place team. Plaque to the 2nd place team.

Medals awarded to the top 3 in each event.


Please make any scratches at the beginning of the meet by 8:45 am. Afterwards, all events will be seeded for the rest of the meet.

Please have all athletes at the check-in area when the event is announced.

Shot Put and High Jump Cards will check-in with the official at the event area.

Coaches: inform your athletes that they are not allowed to have food or drinks on the armory floor. Water only! Please try to keep your team area free of debris. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Any complaints on a ruling, please see the referee. If the ruling is appealable, then you must submit a written complaint to the jury of appeals within 30 minutes of the ruling.