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Full Results After Each Event

On-Demand Race Video After Each Event

Photos To Come!

After an exciting qualifying series the Shore Coaches Championship is set to kick off Saturday March 27th. The girls session starts at 9:45am and the boys 1:45pm.

All track events will be streaming LIVE on MileSplit at the above link, the shot put competition will be recorded and uploaded to the meet page after the conclusion of the meet. We will visit the event when we can between events on the live stream.

Just like the qualifying meets we will also have a photographer present for every event. 

Full Coverage From Qualifying Pods

Time Schedule 

Girls Championship Schedule

Coaches Meeting9:30 AM
Check in 55h trials9:45 AM
National Anthem9:55 AM
Start 55h trials10:00 AM
Check in 55m trials10:00 AM
Start 55m trials10:10 AM
Check in 3200m10:10 AM
Start 3200m10:20 AM
Awards Ceremony 3200m10:35 AM
Check in 800m10:35 AM
Start 800m10:40 AM
Check in 55h semifinals10:40 AM
Awards Ceremony 800m10:45 AM
Check in 55m semifinals10:45 AM
Start 55h semifinals10:50 AM
Start 55m semifinals10:55 AM
Check in 1600m10:55 AM
Awards Ceremony 1600m11:10 AM
Check in 400m11:10 AM
Start 400m11:15 AM
Awards Ceremony 400m11:25 AM
Check in 55h finals11:25 AM
Awards Ceremony 55h 11:30 AM
Check in 55m finals11:30 AM
Awards Ceremony11:35 AM
Meet Finished11:40 AM
Shot Put Prelims Begin 10:00 AM
Shot Put Awards CeremonyTBD

Boys Championship Schedule

Coaches Meeting1:30 PM
Check in 55h trials1:45 PM
National Anthem1:55 PM
Start 55h trials2:00 PM
Check in 55m trials2:00 PM
Start 55m trials2:10 PM
Check in 3200m2:10 PM
Start 3200m2:20 PM
Awards Ceremony 3200m2:35 PM
Check in 800m2:35 PM
Start 800m2:40 PM
Check in 55h semifinals2:40 PM
Awards Ceremony 800m2:45 PM
Check in 55m semifinals2:45 PM
Start 55h semifinals2:50 PM
Start 55m semifinals2:55 PM
Check in 1600m2:55 PM
Awards Ceremony 1600m3:10 PM
Check in 400m3:10 PM
Start 400m3:15 PM
Awards Ceremony 400m3:25 PM
Check in 55h finals3:25 PM
Awards Ceremony 55h 3:30 PM
Check in 55m finals3:30 PM
Awards Ceremony3:35 PM
Meet Finished3:40 PM
Shot Put Prelims Begin 2:00 PM
Shot Put Awards CeremonyTBD