Travis Mahoney's Eight Weeks Of Training Ahead Of 7:41

At the end of February New Jersey's own Travis Mahoney, who runs professionally for the Hoka NJ*NY TC and coaches at Old Bridge HS, posted a big time 3000m performance of 7:41.94 for fifth at the Boston University Last Chance Invitational. Mahoney was kind enough to write up the eight weeks of workouts leading up to his big race. 

While this is a really interesting read, do remember that Travis is a professional and he's built up to this training level. For our high school viewers CBA Coach Sean McCafferty brought up a good point on twitter to learn what you can from this but do not carbon copy it.  

Travis Mahoney is also the Meet Director for the annual summertime Monmouth Mile #subfourattheshore meet. NJ MileSplit been there to cover the action the past few years, check out the sub-4 mile from the 2019 meet here.

Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8

By Travis Mahoney

Week of Jan 6th (76 miles)

Monday- Easy 10 6:40 avg. 30 min bike PM.
Felt good today

Tuesday- 10 miles- 12x400 at 64-62 with 60 second rest
Grind. Felt it from rep 1, not quite recovered off Friday and what we had planned for this coming Friday was on my mind. Tired but held myself back the last few reps when Rob wanted to put his head down and grind. 62.3 average (Friday session was 1x1k in 232, 3 min jog, 2x(3x600)--(135,133,131), 90 seconds and 3 min jog between.

Wednesday- Easy 10 6:27 avg
Felt solid today, better than I thought I would after yesterday.

Thursday- Easy 8 miles 646 avg
Felt ok today a bit sore. 30 min harder bike effort in the afternoon

Friday- 13 miles tempo (mile- 2 mile- mile- 2 mile) 60/90 seconds rest
(454,945, 453, 945)
Felt easy and smooth. Weather was great which helped 6x150 strides after. Happy to scrap the planned 5k workout for tempo work after last Friday/this Tuesday

Saturday- Easy 9 648 avg
Different loop and went 9. Long sleeve was too much for this January run!!

Sunday- 16 miles 6:41 avg
First long day of coaching down at the bubble yesterday and I felt it. Just heavy legged today. 76 miles plus 60 min of cross training and 2 lifts. good week