Jennings Sets Greystone Course Record at NJAC Championships

Full Results

The Mendham boys and girls swept the Large School team titles while North Warren and Madison won the small school divisions. Sarah Hanifin, James Troiano, Julia Trethaway, and Jack Jennings all secured individual wins on Tuesday at Greystone. 


Large School Sweep for Mendham

In the large school race Jack Jennings of Mendham had a huge run of 15:07.5 to win by nearly 53 seconds! He broke the course record previously held by his past teammate Jack Stanley, who ran 15:09.30 at the 2018 Morris County Championships. Jennings will have another chance to lower his record at that same meet later this month. 

The Greystone course was redesigned in 2017, you can see the all-time performances here

It wasn't just about Jennings though, his one card led a strong run by the NJ#5 ranked Mendham boys who won the team title for the third straight year scoring 44 points and averaging 16:08. West Morris Central finished second with 87 points and Morristown third at 105. 

Also running well for Mendham, led by Jennings, Ryan Kear came through in fourth running 16:02, Zachary Hodges right behind in fifth at 16:04. Sam Marran, 14th at 16:36, and Josh Chen, 20th with 16:49, closed up the top five. Thomas Gangemi and Tim Lanahan, their sixth and seventh runners, weren't far off the scoring five either finishing 21st and 23rd. 

The NJ#7 Mendham girls also ran well in their large school race making it a Mendham title sweep for the second straight year outscoring West Morris Central 24 to 104. Madison Orlins led the charge in second at 18:57 with Megan Smith, third 19:17, Ava Curry, fifth 19:27, Ava Augustine, sixth 19:30, and Grace Vives eighth at 19:52 all finishing in the top ten of the race! Best yet that entire squad returns next year.

West Morris Central's Julia Trethaway earned her fourth win of the season running 18:18 with a 39 second lead. The Georgetown University commit is the first West Morris Central winner since Sierra Castaneda won two straight in 2014 and 2015. 

Exciting Team Battle to Win Small School Division

Sarah Hanifin made it two straight small school titles on Tuesday winning with a time of 18:59. Villa Walsh has had an individual winner at this meet for five straight years now including Hanifin (2018-19), Morgan Mehmel (2017), Sophie Henderson (2016), and Mary Lynch (2015). 

And until Tuesday Villa Walsh also had a four year team title streak on the line and it took a very exciting team battle to snap the streak. After the dust settled the Madison girls went home with the win in a close final score of 82 to 86 and 89 over Mountain Lakes and Villa Walsh! 

Madison HS was led by Jamie Habib in third running 19:39. Jessica Brazeau, 16th 21:12, Elisabetta Araya, 17th 21:17, Rachel Bear, 24th 21:49, and Hope Pratt, 26th 21:50, made up the scoring five that won the meet. 

Mountain Lakes was led by Sophia Lore in second at 19:34. The top five individual finishers, including Wallkill Valley's Emily McCallum and Kittatinny's Molly Riva all return next year. 

Girls Small School Top Three Teams

1Madison HS823+15+16+23+25 (35+45)2:11 1-5 Split | 21:09 Avg
2Mountain Lakes HS862+11+18+26+29 (40+48)2:29 1-5 Split | 21:10 Avg
3Villa Walsh Academy891+5+13+27+433:51 1-5 Split | 20:57 Avg

James Troiano of Whippany Park brought home the individual victory in the small school boys division running 16:09. He's had a strong start to the year with multiple NJAC Batch meet victories and a top three finish in two invitational races so far. 

In second place at 16:20 was North Warren junior Jack Kellaher, he dropped over a minute off his time from last year at this race. Kellaher led his squad to an 88 to 117 point victory over Kinnelon. Jake Riley was their second scorer in seventh at 16:57, James Paulson, 17th 17:49, Kyle Kasprenski, 30th 18:14, and Domenic Russo, 32nd 18:19 made up the rest of their top five. 

Recent Meet History

2019 Results

  • Boys Large - Jack Jennings (Mendham) 15:07 / Mendham 44pts
  • Boys Small - James Troiano (Whippany Park) 16:09 / North Warren 88pts
  • Girls Large - Julia Trethaway (West Morris Central) 18:18 / Mendham 24pts
  • Girls Small - Sarah Hanifin (Villa Walsh Academy) 18:59 / Madison 82pts

2018 Results

  • Boys Large - Jack Stanley (Mendham) 15:35 / Mendham 37pts
  • Boys Small - Jared Cooper (Mountain Lakes) 15:58 / Mountain Lakes 69pts
  • Girls Large - Abby Loveys (Randolph) 17:26 / Mendham 49pts
  • Girls Small - Sarah Hanifin (Villa Walsh Academy) 18:46 / Villa Walsh Academy 57pts

2017 Results

  • Boys Large - Colin Logsdon (Chatham) 15:35 / Mendham 51pts
  • Boys Small - Jared Cooper (Mountain Lakes) 15:53 / Mountain Lakes 55pts
  • Girls Large - Abby Loveys (Randolph) 17:35 / Randolph 35pts
  • Girls Small - Morgan Mehmel (Villa Walsh Academy) 19:01 / Villa Walsh Academy 36pts

2016 Results

  • Boys Large - Eric Clay (Morristown) 15:51 / Morris Hills 38pts
  • Boys Small - Jared Cooper (Mountain Lakes) 16:27 / Mountain Lakes 54pts
  • Girls Large - Abby Loveys (Randolph) 18:40 / Randolph 47pts
  • Girls Small - Sophie Henderson (Villa Walsh) 19:47 / Villa Walsh Academy 37pts

2015 Results

  • Boys Large - Even Quinn (Morristown) 16:01 / Morristown 43pts
  • Boys Small - Joe Dragon (High Point) 15:28 / Wallkill Valley 61pts
  • Girls Large - Sierra Castaneda (West Morris Central) 18:21 / Mendham 53pts
  • Girls Small - Mary Lynch (Villa Walsh Academy) 19:25 / Villa Walsh Academy 40pts

2014 Results

  • Boys Large - Paul Ehmann (Mendham) 15:51 / Chatham 45pts
  • Boys Small - Craig Corti (Wallkill Valley) 15:36 / Wallkill Valley 70pts
  • Girls Large - Sierra Castaneda (West Morris Central) 18:44 / Mendham 61pts
  • Girls Small - Ally Schlosser (Parsippany) 19:02 / Mountain Lakes 57pts