NJSIAA Online Registration! Group 1 & 4 Sectionals Entry Closes 2/9!

Recent Notes

Group 1 & 4 Sectionals close on Tuesday February 9th at 11:59 AM. 


1 Create a MileSplit profile if you haven't already.
2 Claim your team, preferably with a school email and providing information confirming you are the coach. *If you claimed your team last time just log in and you are set!
3 Once granted access, fix names, add grade years, make sure they have a TF tag, and report any stat errors or duplicates on the roster to rkellert@milesplit.com. (Please state or link your team)
4 Once the roster is clean go to the correct meet page and enter each event.  Your seeds will auto update when I periodically refresh each meet page's seeds (Mondays, Thursdays, if not more often).
5 Make sure everything is set before the deadline.

Video Tutorials 

Part 1 - Claiming Team and Editing Rosters

This video was made for the state relays but it is the same process. 

  • Covers making a free profile, claiming the team, and team manager
  • Important to remember three things:
  •     1. Check for Duplicates, report any to rkellert@milesplit.com,
  •     2. Correct Grade Years,
  •     3. Make sure athletes have a TF tag. 

Part 2 - Entering the Meet and Editing Entries

This video was made for the state relays but it is the same process. 

  • Covers finding the meet page
  • Entering school to the meet (skip to 0:22)
  • Entering track relays (skip to 1:42)
  • Entering field relays (skip to 2:41)
  • Editing male and female divisions (skip to 3:18)
  • Returning to entries to view seeds or edit (skip to 3:34)

Breakdown of Tasks 

Tasks that you should email rkellert@milesplit.com for:

  • Duplicates on your roster
  • Statistical errors or missing performances
  • Any questions you might have if you cannot find the answer in the tutorial

    Please state your request, links, and team name clearly on the email. The more information the better. 

    Tasks that you can and should do on your own:

    • Correct the spelling of names.
    • Correct graduation years.
    • Create freshman that haven't ran as of yet if needed for entry. Note as they compete individually I will be adding them for you but if it can't wait this can be done through Team Manager.

    The DO NOTS of being a team admin.

    • Please do not change the name of one athlete to another instead of making a new profile. These profiles are meant to stay with an athlete throughout their careers and as a historic database. 
    • Please do not make athletes inactive unless completely necessary.
    • Please do not change someone's grade year to a random past graduation year to remove them from your roster. If you don't know their graduation year then you should use the last year that athlete competed as shown on their profile. I ask this out of respect for all of the hard work we have done to try and make the most accurate archive of rankings possible, from the 1st ranked to the 500th and on.

    Confirming Performances 

      • Seeds can be viewed via your entries on the meet page
      • The best seed for your team will load up when you initially enter and when I refresh the seeds every Monday and Thursday if not more often.
      • You do not require a MileSplit Insider subscription to confirm seeding.

      If you have MileSplit Insider you can confirm your athletes' and relays' best performances via the rankings and their profiles however always ensure that the meet page seeds have your best seeds before the deadline.

      While it is not necessary for the registration process if you do choose to support the site and our coverage by subscribing you will be given access to a whole network of statistics as well as athletes' career statistics and progression. Virtual meets would be accessible for scouting your group and so on. Some great tools for coaches and fans.

      Further Notes 

      • Even if your entry doesn't have a seed time or mark when you enter it will automatically update as I refresh the seeds. Again please don't enter your own seeds to the state meets online. 
      • This is meant to be an easier process not a hard one! If you are running into rough patches just ask at rkellert@milesplit.com.
      • The procedure of entering your teams on nj.milesplit.com, does not negate any of the seeding procedures we will be using as outlined in the tournament regulations. 
      • Your entire team roster will be available to you the day of the meet and you will be able to change entries as long as you have set your roster correctly. 
      • If you see Team Admins that you do not know and who are not coaches send me an email to remove them. That way random users are not controlling things on your team.
      • Note * You should only be making athletes "in-active" on your roster if they are no longer in the program. If you have an athlete who doesn't run XC but does compete in track (or vice versa) just take away the XC tag next to their name by checking the athlete, and then pressing the "remove from XC" button at the top.
      • On your actual roster in admin you may see athletes who are not from your season or who aren't on your team at the moment. That is meant to happen, we do not delete profiles on MileSplit. They move on year to year until they graduate and then they move to alumni. Even if an athlete only competed one time they have their own profile for as long as MileSplit exists.
      • If you have someone on your roster who no longer competes and you do not know their graduation year, look at the last year they competed and make that their graduation year rather than throwing a random year on their profile.