If You Have a Missing Performances for Protected Seeds


What happened: Unless it was an actual statistical error where a performance wasn't on an athlete profile this is what happened. With the entry process it was stated in the directions that new entries without original seeds wouldn't be automatically updated. So if the seed for your athlete was blank it didn't auto update you would of had to either update it yourself or send me an email to update it for you before the deadline. If there was an original seed it automatically updates with the best performance. 

What you can do: Now that entries are closed and we are so close to the meets the NJSIAA and I cannot make changes to the lists. If the missing seed won't be a protected seed then no worries just write in a seed at the meet on a new card. If the missing seed should be proteced in the top eight then print out confirmation of your seed and bring it to your meet director early on to add to the protected seedings. Note that all of these performances need to have occurred BEFORE May 18th at noon. 

You can print out confirmation from a results page, the athlete's stat feed, or the rankings if you have Insider.

Next time round we will have a focused date for everyone to confirm seeds are updated and correct on their entries before finalizing for the performance lists. Most of the missing seed problems weren't because of statistical errors or that they weren't attached to the profiles it was because the entry's seed was initially blank and doesn't automatically update. The issue would have had to been brought to our attention before the deadline not after to take care of it.