Morris County Champs Results / Highlights!

Morris County Championships!

Varsity Results

JV / Frosh Results (Girls will be out tomorrow)

Josiah Hanko of the Trinity Christian School rips a 15:24 for the course record! Hanko recently committed to Duke University for next fall. Not to be overshadowed by the amazing Hanko performance Chris Luciano from Mountain Lakes HS finishes way ahead of the pack as well posting 15:40! Mendham's Paul Ehmann also broke the 16 minute barrier running  a personal best 15:57 for third place! Plenty of great individual performances were put forward, the top ones are listed below.

Team wise in the boys championship Morristown took their second straight championship with 65 points! A 5-10-13-18-19 performance led by senior Sean Lyons who finished sixth with a time of 16:07! The Morristown boys had a 16:30 team average which is 9 seconds faster than the 2012 squad's championship efforts.

A fantastic individual performance on the girls side as well, Mackenzie Barry clocked a 17:55 for Mendham to win her third Morris County Championship! She's had quite a career at this meet as early as her freshman year!

2013 - 17:55 - FIRST
2012 - 17:57 - FIRST
2011 - 18:30 - Second
2010 - 17:56 - FIRST

Brennan Sharkey of West Morris Central and Elizabeth Lansing of Randolph may have been her main competition for this title and they came in second and third respectively. Sharkey posted an 18:05 and has now placed in the top three of her first five invitational or championship races so far this season!  Elizabeth Lansing ran a personal best of 18:12 for third place and has been having a great season as well and in fact led her team to victory at this meet!. Make sure you check the top performances listed below for the rest of the great girls times!

Team wise Randolph took the girls championship with 48 points going 3-5-6-8-26 and a sizzling team average of 18:47!!! Randolph found victory thanks to a great top four push by Elizabeth Lansing, Carole Harsch ( 5th / 18:16), Margaret Thomson (6th / 18:40), Liz Wellman (8th / 18:44), and to seal the deal Nora May McSorley took 27th (20:04) out of the 148 athlete field! 

Elite performances from this Meet

Girls Highlights

  • 5,000 Meter Run - 

Mackenzie Barry (Mendham HS) 17:55.30; 

Brennan Sharkey(West Morris Central HS) 18:05.30; 

Elizabeth Lansing (Randolph HS) 18:12.00; 

Sierra Castaneda (West Morris Central HS) 18:14.50; 

Carole Harsch (Randolph HS) 18:16.90; 

Margaret Thomson (Randolph HS) 18:40.70; 

Sarah Masukewicz (Mount Olive HS) 18:41.80; 

Liz Wellman (Randolph HS) 18:44.20; 

Alexandra Christian (Mount Olive HS) 18:48.90; 

Christine O'Kane (Morristown HS) 19:07.40; 

Ashlei Thurston (Morris Hills HS) 19:07.70; 

Olivia Viparina (Roxbury HS) 19:12.90; 

Mariah Christian (Mount Olive HS) 19:18.60;

Elizabeth Timoney (Mendham HS) 19:21.90; 

Shannon Dolan (Morris Knolls HS) 19:22.30; 

Kyra Velock(Mountain Lakes HS) 19:23.40; 

Micaela Reilly (Morristown-Beard School) 19:24.30; 

Emma Cary(Morristown HS) 19:41.10;

Boys Highlights

  • 5,000 Meter Run - 

Josiah Hanko (Trinity Christian School) 15:24.30; 

Chris Luciano (Mountain Lakes HS) 15:40.80; 

Paul Ehmann (Mendham HS) 15:57.80; 

Will Mitchell (Chatham HS) 16:01.60; 

Ben Devenezia(Mountain Lakes HS) 16:03.00; 

Sean Lyons (Morristown HS) 16:07.30;

John O'Reilly (Delbarton School) 16:12.10; 

Dominic Vernazza (Chatham HS) 16:14.70; 

Matt Weintraub (Morris Hills HS) 16:15.40; 

Michael Koch (Roxbury HS) 16:19.70; 

Rudy Torres (Morristown HS) 16:24.00; 

Patrick Hanley (Madison HS) 16:26.40; 

Nick Kontos (West Morris Central HS) 16:30.00