2013 Outdoor NJTough Teams - GIRLS

This article includes the 2013 Spring Track and Field NJRunners' "NJTough Teams". My new title for the NJ.MileSplit end of season all-star teams. Each event used in the state meets will have an athlete chosen, as well as an overall category athlete. The top athletes will be voted on by the people for athlete of the season. That poll can be found at the bottom of the article. Voting will run through 11:59pm Thursday July 11th, 2013. Congratulations to each athlete chosen, be sure to show your support in the comment section! I also understand opposite opinions are always a possibility, if you would like to state your opinion please remember to be respectable.

Congratulations to the schools represented in this feature:

100m Dash
Olivia Baker - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 11.64 and 12.05 without wind. /
She won the 100m at Meet of Champions (12.05), Groups (11.64w), SEC Champs (12.12). This was the first season she really let loose on the 100m dash and it was a fantastic venture leaving the crowds on their feet! 
Runners Up: Haisha Bisiolu of Union HS she had a fantastic season as well ran an 11.81 at Union County Champs but in the head to head at Meet of Champs Olivia came out on top. 
200m Dash
Olivia Baker - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 23.95 /
Placed 1st at Meet of Champs, Groups, Sectionals, SEC Champs, and Essex County Champs! Most of those with doubles at least some triples or quadruples. She leads NJ in this event.
Runners Up: Haisha Bisiolu of Union HS and Bria Saunders of Parsippany HS, both are tied for the 2nd best performance of the season at NJ#2 time of 24.35.
400m Dash
Olivia Baker - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 53.08 /
She is magnificent at this one lap race of pure will power. She's never lost to any runner from NJ in her career in the 400m! Wins this season include a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP where she ran her personal best of 53.08, Meet of Champions, Groups, Sectionals, Essex County Champs, and the Glenn D. Loucks Games. Purely amazing. 
Runners Up: Probably Olivia Baker. Justing kidding. Faleesha Dowe of Penns Grove HS and Brionna Pettus of Piscataway HS had fantastic seasons ending up in the top three of the state in the 400m.

On the left finishing the Columbia 4x400m at Group Championships. - Photo / MaroonNews for MileSplit
Olivia Baker 
MileSplit Profile

What can you say, seeing her name on repeat in this article so far is exactly what you hear when the fantastic announcer Reuben Frank is reading results over the PA system "Olivia Baker, Olivia Baker, OLIVIA BAKER". At the New Jersey Meet of Champions she won the 100m, 200m, 400m, and was part of the winning 4x400m winning team! She quadrupled her way through sectionals, and groups to get there, which included 800m victories at Sectionals and Groups.

At Penn Relays she put on one of the most amazing shows on the oval I've seen, the ability to reel in another runner like this is a rare thing (Proceed to video below then return to reading after shock and amazement). So she is your sprinter of the season, if I was putting together a team and was looking for the best to fill the events, even quadrupling Baker has shown she has the stuff to win and win consistently. Doesn't hurt that she is a great individual off the track as well. 



100m Hurdles
Morgan Harvey - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 13.95 and 14.34 without wind. /
She won the 100H at Meet of Champs(14.41), Sectionals (14.54), and Hunterdon/Sussex/Warren Champs (15.06/15.31). There is more to say about her track abilities but there is some space with another honor for her below.
400m Hurdles
Torie Robinson - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 59.56 /
A tough decision not to give this spot to Morgan Harvey as well but Torie Robinson definitely did some major work and deserves it; she did a little of her own quadrupling at Groups, winning the 400mH, 100mH, 200m, and 400m as a Group 3 State Champion (Pictured below). Simply talking the 400m Hurdles she had season best victory at Meet of Champions where she broke 60 seconds! And out lasted Morgan Harvey mentioned above.  Other first place finishes came at Groups (60.91), Sectionals (64.39), and Olympic Conference Champs (62.45). She is a fantastic versatile athlete, great season Torie! 

Center in green running at Group Champs. / Photo by SJPixShooter for MileSplit
Morgan Harvey
MileSplit Profile

Morgan Harvey, the state leader in the 100m Hurdles and right up there in the 400m Hurdles, posted another fantastic season this spring. She was my pick for the top 100m hurdler but her 400m Hurdles were just as impressive. This year she took her sub 60 second self to Nationals and pumped out a 59.95 in the sun for second place! So close to being a national champion, but still the pride of NJ in the event. You can watch her National performance with the video embedded below. A fantastic hurdler and WE HAVE A WHOLE YEAR TO GO! She's only a junior!



800m Run
Madison Holleran - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 2:08.87
She is currently leading NJ and a US#19 performance in the 800m. This season in the 800m she had victories at Meet of Champs (2:08.87), Groups (2:09.23), Sectionals (2:12.76), and Big North League Champs (2:14.20). I'd like to also note that at Groups the placed 2nd in the 400m Hurdles running a 64:67, just showing her versatility. What a fantastic senior year for this young woman who will be attending University of Pennsylvania this fall.
1600m Run
Josette Norris - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 4:41.61
Currently ranked a US#5 in the 1600m which she displayed in statement fashion at NJ Meet of Champions. That was a fantastic race to watch, 2:20 at the opening 800m, and a statement to show she had that 4:45.04 she ran the weekend previous at Groups in her once again. She had victories this season at MOC, Groups, Sectionals, and the Big North League Champs.
3200m Run
Sarah Disanza - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 10:15.02
Sarah improved her best 3200m time by about 40 seconds this season! Her senior year played out the way any athlete can hope, her motivation and training lead her to a huge meet record and 3200m victory of 10:15.02 at Meet of Champions, a performance I'm not sure if some saw coming, the chatter in the stands was fantastic as the High Point Reg HS runner crossed the line at 10:15. She had victories at MOC, Groups (10:36.78), and Sectionals (10:55.02). She also hit up Nationals running 10:21.47 in the 2 mile for 6th. She is leading NJ and ranks #10 in the US. Congrats on a great season Sarah Disanza, good luck at Wisconsin next fall. 

Norris winning the 3k (10:06.40) at the Pirate Relays this season. Photo / Kyle Brazeil for MileSplit
Josette Norris
MileSplit Profile

JOESETTE NORRIS! If you didn't know now you know, this season she took New Jersey distance by storm double golds in the 1600m and 3200m at both Groups and Sectionals, 4:41 Meet of Champions Gold meet record! She's US#5 in the 1600m, NJ#4 in the 800m (2:10.98) and NJ#5 in the 3200m (10:29.13). She also showed up at Nationals this year finished second in the mile with a time of 4:48.54! Best of all she's only a junior, and with the progression she's trained for and raced in the third quarter of her high school career, we should all be excited to see how much better she'll get next year! You can watch that Nationals race here.



Shot Put
Jess Woodard - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 47-01.25 /
UNDEFEATED 2013 OUTDOOR SHOT PUT SEASON! She had an amazing season all around in 2013, but for the shot put she had a fantastic streak going including a the victory at Meet of Champs with a personal best 47-1.25! That mark leads NJ and is US#22 at the moment, along with breaking the South Jersey record! Other individual victories came at Groups (44-3.75), Sectionals (44-1.5), East Coast Relays (44-0.75), Burlington County Open (42-8.25), Olympic Conference Champs (42-8.5), Lenape District Cup (43-10), Rowan Girls Open (42-1.75), Woodbury Relays (42-2.75), West Deptford Relays (42-6), and Hall of Fame Relays (43-7.5). That's a lot of "W"s. More to come on Woodard.
Jess Woodard - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 168-10 /
NJ leader and US#5 athlete in the Discus throw this season. In the NJ season she was unbeaten, at Penn Relays she placed 3rd but was the first overall American! She also competed at USA Junior Track and Field Champs where she hit a personal best in the Discus with a 168-10 placing 4th! At Meet of Champions she broke the meet record and became the first three time winner in the event! After her 161-1 mark there at the same meet she went on to win the shot put. Other victories in the Discus came from Groups (168-0), Sectionals (168-0), East Coast Relays (152-4), Burlington County Open (161-7), Olympic Conference (160-2), Lenape District Cup (153-9), Rowan Girls Open (150-2), Woodbury Relays (149-7),  Deptford Relays (161-1), Hall of Fame Relays (146-0).
Lisa Sesink-Clee - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 149-10 /
Lisa, who will be attending the University of Penn next season, won all of her NJ meets attended this season, took third at Penn Relays, and fourth at Nationals. Her performance at Meet of Champions this year brought her gold and a personal best mark of 149-10, in fact her whole "NJ post season" was fantastic 143-6 at Sectionals, 148-2 at Groups leading up to her perfect peak at MOC. She leads NJ this season and is currently ranked #11 in the USA. 

Woodard competing in the discus at Meet of Champions Photo / SJPixShooter for MileSplit
Jess Woodard
MileSplit Profile

Woodard amazed throwing followers time and time again this season, she broke records like a boss, performed under pressure and on grand stages, and all the while with a good head on her shoulders and determination in her training. She is leading NJ in both Shot Put at 47-01.25 (US#22) and Discus at 168-10 (US#5)! She led Americans at Penn Relays in the Discus placing third overall. Was undefeated 11-0 in the Shot Put this season, and if you only look at "NJ" meets she won all the Discus competitions she entered as well.  She had a triple victory at Sectionals in Shot, Disc, and Jav a double victory at Groups and Meet of Champs in Shot and Disc and broke the Disc record at Meet of Champs. She will be attending the University of Oklahoma next year and I am sure they will be extremely happy with her performance and leadership through the next few years. 




High Jump
Noel Jancewicz - Sr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 5-09.25 (Set in 2011) /
Noel Jancewicz leads NJ in the High Jump with a 5-08 leap over the bar. The jump came at Meet of Champions for a gold medal and her best height of the 2013 season. She had victories at Meet of Champs (5-08), Groups (5-06), Sectionals (5-04), Mercer County Relays (5-4), and the Mercer Twilight Invite (5-6). She will be attending the University of Penn next year.
Long Jump
Keturah Orji - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 20-7.25 /
Keturah, only a junior, finishing off this fantastic season by staying active and qualifying for the USA Worlds team in the Long Jump with a US#3 mark of 20-7.25! Placing second at the trials this was also a personal best and NJ#2 all-time jump. At NB Nationals she took second with a 20-6 leap. She had victories this season at MOC (19-2), Groups (19-9.5), Sectionals (18-11.5), East Coast Relays (19-7.25), Morris County Champs (18-11), NJAC Champs (18-11.5), Morris County Relays (18-7.75), and Morris Hills Relays (20-2)!
Triple Jump
Keturah Orji - Jr - MileSplit Profile
Personal Best of 43-09.25 /
She broke the state record mark many a time this season now set at 43-09.25!! At World Youth Trials she hit a 43-08 jump for first and qualified for the Team USA Worlds spot! This year she placed second at Penn Relays with a 40-9.5. She is a National Champion placing first with the state record mark of 43-09.25, she won Meet of Champs once again with a 42-06.5. Other victories came from Groups (40-10), Sectionals (40-11), Morris County Champs (40-1.5), NJAC Champs (39-1), Morris Co Relays (39-5), and Morris Hills Relays (40-0.5).
Pole Vault
Katlyn Rymarzow - So - MileSplit Profile
Your state leader in the pole vault this season at 12-0 this young talent has really taken off this year, took fourth at Nationals with an 11-11 vault. She won Meet of Champions (11-6), Groups (11-0), Fast Times Relays (11-6), Sectionals (9-0), East Coast Relays (12-0), HSW Champs (11-6), NJAC Champs (11-6), Randolph Relays (11-7), Morris Hills Relays (10-6), and NJCTC Relays (10-0). There was a 9th place finish at Penn Relays with an 11-5.75 vault mixed in there as well. Consistent, and still on the up and up I'm excited to see the great performances we'll potentially cover as we head later into her career. 

Keturah Orji jumping in the Long Jump at NB Nationals 2013 Photo / CoachSides for MileSplit
Keturah Orji
MileSplit Profile
This girl can literally fly. Well at least some of the furthest distances a high school girl ever has in the long and triple jump during state track and field history. Dual golds in the Long and Triple Jump at Sectionals, Groups, AND MEET OF CHAMPIONS. National Champ in the Triple Jump with a state record and US season leading 43-9.25, National runner up in the long jump with a 20-6 and currently holds the US#3 spot with a 20-7.35 mark she leapt at World Youth Trials. Qualified in both the Long and Triple for World Youth Championships. Countless victories and records all season putting the jumps in the media spotlight, and New Jersey jumping on the map. Hats off to you Keturah congratulations on everything you accomplished this season and on being the Top Jumper on NJRunners' NJTough Team.



4x100m Relay
WINSLOW TWP - MileSplit Profile
Season Best of 47.18 /
The Winslow girls lead the state with their Penn Relays performance of 47.18 which they ran in the Tri-State Girls race finishing second. Another impressive performance came at Meet of Champions where they posted a 47.27 for first place, team and all its alternates through states included Torie Robinson, Cidae'a Woods, Brittany Preston, Brianna McGrath, and She'quell Higgs.
4x400m Relay
COLUMBIA - MileSplit Profile
Season Best of 3:40.36 /
Ridiculous, the finish their season National Champions with a state record time of 3:40.36, they are ranked first in the US this season by .38 of a second! Cheyenne Trigg, Shanika Dessein, Olivia Baker, and Kenya Gaston all part of that great performance. This team also ripped right through the state meets and were first after the dust settled at NJ Meet of Champions. (Video of Nationals run is embedded below)
4x800m Relay
COLUMBIA - MileSplit Profile
Season Best of 8:56.37 /
Was about to give this to the Freehold Twp girls who had a fantastic relay season themselves winning Meet of Champs and holding the NJ#2 and US#12 spot with a 9:06.12, however Columbia's sub 9 minute time of 8:56.37 which holds US#2 and leads NJ at the moment was too much to overlook. Columbia girls are National Champs in this event as well running 9:01.12 at New Balance, and they ran their leading time at Penn Relays where the magic happened as Olivia Baker brought the team back from behind for the win on the last lap!

Columbia 4x4 Relay running at Groups (Minus Baker, still dominant) Photo / SJPixShooter for MileSplit 
4x400m Relay
MileSplit Profile


The top athletes will be voted on by the people for athlete of the season. Voting will run through 11:59pm Thursday July 11th, 2013.