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2 months ago FootLocker Northeast
Where can coaches get Entry blanks? It takes my school forever to process them and entry fee. Thanks
2 months ago FootLocker Northeast
Does anyone know when entry blanks for this meet will be available?
3 months ago manhattan College Inv.
Does anyone know where I can find the order of races for this event on October 9 at van Cortland ?
7 months ago results from Mustang relays
Will the results from the Mustang relays, particularly the second day, eventually make it into th...
8 months ago Honoring Ed Grant. Perhaps either mile split or the state coaches association could give an an equal
State coaches association could honor the top track writer of the year by giving them an award na...
1 year ago East Coast XC Inv
Anyone know the status of this event with nee limitations announced by Governor Murphy today?
1 year ago Angelina Perez & Lakeland girls XC
Not only is Angelina Perez one of the best ever from Passaic County but the team that races with ...
1 year ago NJSIAA Group Meets
When might NJ Mile Split have the info up for coaches to get entries in for the State Sectionals?...
1 year ago Manhattan Inv, Cancel
With manhattan cancelled is Shore likely to be next ? anyone have ideas?
2 years ago Passaic County Relays
Due to the ongoing virus situation the Passaic County Relays are canceled this Spring
2 years ago Girls group 4 800 DQ?
will her performance at group 4 meet be listed on mile split> She was reinstated.
2 years ago Girls group 4 800 DQ?
Milesplit video shows no infraction, was an error made?
2 years ago Girls group 4 800 DQ?
Why was the Clifton Girl, Andrea Dubbels DQed in the group 4 girls 800 at today's group meet? She...
3 years ago Comet Relays
Girls sprint medley results - distance was 1600 meters which would make the girls winning team a ...
3 years ago Comet Relays
Updated Boys scores are now available and can be corrected on this site. Why are only some of th...
3 years ago Submit Suggestions to NJISAA by Monday 2/25 at Noon
Should say bathroom and unhealthy. Sorry
3 years ago Submit Suggestions to NJISAA by Monday 2/25 at Noon
Porto o pottie area should have been replaced with an actual barroom area long ago. One with sink...
3 years ago Clifton coach Pontes here need password to register my c.f. team that is entered
Need password to send my roster for WM inv. Oct. 22
4 years ago Passaic County Doc Boverini Championships 2017
Only the Passaic County outdoor track Relays are named in Doc Boverini's honor' The Passaic Count...
5 years ago Big North League Championships (Official Date TBA) 2017
This meet is May 3 at Clifton for the Liberty Division On Monday May 1 the Frosh/Novice meet for...
6 years ago Girls TJ @ MOC
Any results yet on girls TJ @ MOC
6 years ago Passaic county championship
Unfortunately the resulte posted for the Passaic County Championship, May 10 & 11 are the results...
6 years ago Big North League meets
The site of this years Big North Championships was Garret Mountain, NOT Darlington. The League me...
7 years ago Congratulations Clifton Alumni
Great job by all of the Clifton HS alumni at the NJAC Championships earlier this week! Jeremy Her...
7 years ago Congratulations to Clifton Alumni @ NJAC Championship
Great job done at the NJAC meet by our alumni. Jeremy Hernandez, Justin Tanayan, Cassidy Cardone ...
7 years ago correcting the spelling of an athlete's name
Clifton HS has a sophomore girl leading their team & her name has been misspelled, several ways. ...