Super Essex Conference Colonial & Independence Championships 2022

Newark, NJ

Meet Information

Independence                                                                        Colonial

Cedar Grove                                                                            Science Park 

Glen Ridge                                                                               Montclair Kimberley Academy

Immaculate Conception                                                        Caldwell

Newark Academy                                                                    Newark Collegiate

St. Vincent Academy                                                              Mount Saint Dominics

University                                                                                 Newark Tech

Weequahic                                                                                North Star 

Shabazz                                                                                    Verona 

Technology                                                                               Central

Eagle Academy

Coaches may not make changes to their roster, or to the six computer names in individual events or to the eight names in the relays events after Noon on May 10th. Athletes names must be entered in all events in Milesplit.

This means that there will be no name changes or additions to rosters at the meet on May 13th, as well!


Schools will be allowed a maximum of three competitors per event and one 1600 meter relay team per school on the day of the meet.

Running Events:

Coaches can enter up to 6 athletes per event in individual events (3 will serve as alternates), and 8 athletes per relay(4 will serve as alternates).

Coaches MUST HIGHLIGHT the three athletes in individual events and 4 per athletes per relay on the day of the meet, prior to the clerks declaring the event closed for seeding purposes. Any athlete or relay team not hightlighted prior to seeding will be scratched.

Field Events:

Coaches will receive, according to their entry, up to 6 labels per field event in their packet. Coaches will need to affix up to three labels per field event to the cards of those actually competing. This must be completed before the athletes report to each of the field event venues.

Special Note: John Schwarz will not make changes after the fact, if the names appear wrong in the results because you highlighted the wrong names, or you made a change to the athletes you've highlighted on a relay after the names were entered in the computer at the meet!!!!   So do your job carefully when highlighting names at the meet!