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Newark, NJ
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THIS SITE IS ONLY TAKING ROSTERS  the SEC weekly meets, SEC Championship and the Essex County Championship. 

The site will close on 9/9 at midnight. It will NOT OPEN AGAIN during the 2021 Cross Country season. Coaches can email John Schwarz ( from 8:00pm on 9/14,  until Midnight 9/17, with any roster changes or updates for the SEC meet on 9/21.  Thereafter, you may email John Schwarz from Tuesday 8:00pm to Midnight Friday for the next Tuesday's meet through the SEC Championship Meet. 

Claim your team and enter your team roster here on Milesplit,  (Boys and Girls). Enter your Boys team and Girls team here as the entry situation applies to your school. Example Seton Hall will only enter the boys race. St. Vincent will only enter a girls team. You only need enter the sexes that you are running. Enter all athletes in the Varsity Division. There is only a varsity division listed.  Enter all athletes in that division. You can run whichever athletes in whatever races and divisions you want on the day of each race. 

WE ARE NOT USING TEAR OFF TAGS ANYMORE! No one will have anything taken off of their person at finish area.

Please teach your athletes to quickly leave the finish area after they cross the finish line.  They should not try to stay in any kind of a line.  We are using a chip timing system again this year at all SEC, ECTCA, and ECADA meets. 

 You will be issued a set of bibs with chips on them in the amount of your team roster entered here at this site. REMEMBER - ENTERING YOUR ATHLETES ON YOUR TEAM PAGE DOES NOT ENTER YOUR ATHLETES IN THE SEC, ECTCA, OR Essex County Championship Meets. You must enter all your athletes here.  Your athletes will use/wear the same bib for the entire season. If you want to switch out an athletes on your team, you need to contact me up to Friday night,  before the next week's meet. That includes replacement of athletes that are injured.  I will change the name associated with whatever bib number you tell me. Your team WILL NOT be issued new numbers each week and the set of numbers given to you (a school/coach ) at the first meet must be used for all 5 SEC MEETS, the ECTCA Invitational and Essex County Meet this season!   If an athlete losses a number, destroys a number, etc., The school will be billed $5.00 per replacement number!  You will be given your bibs in a plastic box. There is a $5.00 fee for any plastic box not turned in at the end of the season!  I will collect the plastic boxes back at the end of your school's SEC season, ECTCA Invitational, or Essex County Meet, whichever is the end of your school's season in Essex County. If you, (the coach) forgets to collect the bibs from his/her team and if you show up without numbers at at meet, your school cannot compete in that day's meet.  If an athlete leaves your team and you are replacing that athlete with another athlete, I will not give you a new number. The new athlete will wear the number of the athlete they have replaced .But only after the coach has contacted me with the change.  That includes new names or a replacement for an injured athlete.

No athlete's names can be changed on your roster on race day - NO Exceptions!!
  Starting the second meet, changes/adding of names must be emailed to me up to Friday night at 8:00pm.for the next Tuesday meet.  But again, No athlete's can be added to your roster on race day - NO Exceptions! 
Reminder - You cannot run any athletes in any race as training, or for exhibition, if they are not on your official athlete roster listed on Milesplit. This is against the rules. It also presents serious safety, and legal issues to all athletes, and you!  That means you cannot put any of your athletes, not on your roster, on the starting line of a race and have them drop out before the finish line! Or worse yet - have them cross the finish line. You are not permitted to have your Non-participating runners practice at Branch Brook Park on meet days!  I will contact your school if I, or any official, witnesses violation of this rule! 
2021 Regularly scheduled SEC meet starting times:
4:00 PM - Mixed Novice Race (2 mile)
4:15 PM - Race 1 G
4:30 PM - Race 1 B 
4:45 PM - Race 2 G 
5:00 PM - Race 2 B
5:15 PM - Race 3G
5:30 PM - Race 3 B 
5:45 PM Mixed Novice Race (5K) 

Check with your AD to determine which races your school is in. The schedule will also be available on the Essex County Track Coaches Website shortly.