SEC Meets Roster Collection 2018

Newark, NJ
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THIS SITE IS ONLY TAKING ROSTERS and UPDATES FOR the SEC and the Essex County Championship meets. The site will close for the first time on (9/3 for the first SEC Meet. It will open again on 9/6 to take updates for the SEC meet on 9/12. The site with close on Friday,  9/7. Thereafter the site will open on Monday until Friday for updates for next week meets. 

Claim your team and enter your team roster on Milesplit, (Boys and Girls). Enter your Boys team and Girls team here as the entry situation applies to your school. Example Seton Hall will only enter the boys race. You only need enter the sexes that you are running. Your athletes will run in the races and divisions you assign them to on the day of the race.


It has been brought to my attention that there is a problem on Milesplit when coaches or athletic directors attempt to use ONE account or ONE login to do both boys' and girls' entries. The first sex of entries can be overwritten by the second sex entered, thereby seeming to delete the first sex's entries. To avoid this. you need to have two seperate accounts. One for the boys' team and one for the girls' team. A single coach can just create two accounts, again one for the girls' team and one for the boys' team. Use a seperate password for each account and your entries will not appear to be deleted (they are actually overwritten, the entries are still there, but not visible. Thereby, giving you the idea that your entries are deleted.)

Do not send rosters to John Schwarz!!! You only need to keep your roster updated and current on MileSplit. No need to send your roster to me at all during the season. But, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR ROSTER UP-TO-DATE ON MILESPLIT!!!

Except for this first meet, I will be downloading rosters on Saturday morning for the next week's meet. If an athlete is not on your roster by Midnight, Friday, They cannot compete in the upcoming week's meet!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! No athlete's can be added to your roster on race day!

Adding athletes to your roster here for the remaining meets will be allowed each week from Monday, until Friday noon, for the NEXT WEEK'S meet. For the rest of the season roster changes will close at Noon, on Friday!

2018 Regularly scheduled SEC meet starting times:

4:00 PM - Mixed Novice Race (2 mile)

4:15 PM - Race 1 B   

4:30 PM - Race 1 G   

4:45 PM - Race 2 B   

5:00 PM - Race 2 G

5:15 PM - Race 3 B   

5:30 PM - Race 3 G   

5:45 PM Mixed Novice Race (5K)

Check with your AD to determine which races your school is in. The schedule is also available on the Essex County Track Coaches Website.