Future 7 2021

Lakewood, NJ
Timing/Results LFRacing

Athlete Entries

Boys Roster 107 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Weisneck, Liam Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Esteves III, Vicente Colts Neck HS
Sauer, Joseph Southern Regional HS
Baker, Logan Southern Regional HS
Sefchik, Michael Southern Regional HS
Dupnak, Sean Southern Regional HS
Sinagra, Justin Jackson Liberty HS
Justice, Charles Southern Regional HS
Horner, Gabriel Southern Regional HS
Russell, Logan Jackson Liberty HS
Rau, Bentley Southern Regional HS
Gripp, Cole Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Fagliarone, Mike Jackson Liberty HS
Hernandez-Betancourt, Alexis Colts Neck HS
Rupinski, Grant Southern Regional HS
Merritt, Brayden Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Lalli, Chris Colts Neck HS
Tocci, Christopher Southern Regional HS
Peterson, Luke Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Schell, Brandon Colts Neck HS
Zaun, Paul Southern Regional HS
Fella, Ronald Southern Regional HS
Hurt, Mason Southern Regional HS
Skinner, Donovan Southern Regional HS
Gabliks, Alex Jackson Liberty HS
Borer, Hunter Southern Regional HS
Hanvey, Dennis Southern Regional HS
Henderson, Trip Southern Regional HS
Juczak, Wyatt Jackson Liberty HS
Medica, Tyler Southern Regional HS
Ballou, Brady Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Taylor, Zachary Jackson Liberty HS
Brush, Ryan Colts Neck HS
Romano, James Southern Regional HS
Joule, Christian Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Bandhold, Ethan Jackson Liberty HS
Kohm, Jake Colts Neck HS
Thomas, Michael Southern Regional HS
Mullen, Braden Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Manzi, Braden Colts Neck HS
Walsh, Connor Southern Regional HS
Ward, Finnoean Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Coyle, Patrick 16:22.38 Red Bank Catholic HS
Harrison, Jake 16:47.00 Southern Regional HS
Brown, Casey 17:13.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Kahl, Sean 17:14.00 Southern Regional HS
Lum, Gavin 17:17.00 Southern Regional HS
Manzella, Kai 17:36.00 Southern Regional HS
Keyes, Michael 17:37.00 Southern Regional HS
Sicoli, Ryan 17:56.00 Southern Regional HS
Calsyn, Aidan 17:57.00 Southern Regional HS
Siwicki, Raine 18:06.00 Southern Regional HS
Desiderio, Matt 18:07.00 Southern Regional HS
Brennan, Ryan 18:23.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Johnson, Ethan 18:29.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
DeFilippis, Connor 18:34.53 Red Bank Catholic HS
Koscinski, Ryan 18:36.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Brennan, Brian 18:38.00 Southern Regional HS
Raylman, Matthew 18:38.00 Southern Regional HS
Adanatzian, Ty 18:43.00 Southern Regional HS
Nadolny, Andrew 18:44.00 Colts Neck HS
Valente, Robert 18:47.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Kohute, Gavin 18:53.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Alpa, Eren 19:03.00 Colts Neck HS
Sapoznik, Tyler 19:16.00 Colts Neck HS
Reilly, Erik 19:21.00 Colts Neck HS
Young, Sean 19:21.40 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Borer, Mason 19:29.00 Southern Regional HS
Walsh, Ryan 19:31.00 Colts Neck HS
Swartz, Montez 19:34.40 Neptune HS
Manguno, Tyler 19:37.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Besculides, Andrew 19:38.00 Colts Neck HS
Dean, Brandon 19:41.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Durkac, Brady 19:43.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Piszar, Jack 19:51.00 Southern Regional HS
Gunderson, Nicholas 19:54.00 Southern Regional HS
Bertone, Louis 19:59.00 Colts Neck HS
Ponce, Ruth 20:07.00 Neptune HS
Garcia, Sam 20:07.47 Red Bank Catholic HS
Singelton, Phillip 20:12.79 Neptune HS
Louis, Kenly 20:17.00 Neptune HS
Hargis, Fletcher 20:18.00 Red Bank Catholic HS
Stein, Jordan 20:20.00 Colts Neck HS
Wang, Nick 20:25.00 Colts Neck HS
Mentonis, Jason 20:38.00 Colts Neck HS
Larkin, Dillon 20:45.80 Red Bank Catholic HS
Ciorciari, Dylan 20:46.18 Red Bank Catholic HS
McLean, Dillon 20:54.00 Southern Regional HS
Loui, Skyler 20:56.00 Colts Neck HS
Chavez, Nicholas 21:06.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Sharo, Liam 21:24.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Sweeney, Andrew 21:25.85 Red Bank Catholic HS
Martinez, Ramses 21:36.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Lieter, Noah 21:39.00 Southern Regional HS
Milne, Steven 21:46.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Killane, Quinn 21:56.00 Colts Neck HS
Ramon-Miron, Brian 22:01.80 Neptune HS
Kirwin, Brandon 22:13.00 Colts Neck HS
Carosia, Logan 22:36.00 Southern Regional HS
Southon, Mike 22:39.36 Jackson Liberty HS
Werosta, Shane 22:47.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Danecker, Sean 22:53.85 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Bolcato, Michael 23:02.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Russino, Vincenzo 24:19.00 Southern Regional HS
Burrough, Quinn 24:34.03 Red Bank Catholic HS
Galvan, Alfred 25:23.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Narayanasamy, Krishna 27:25.00 Jackson Memorial HS
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Girls Roster 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ryan, Reese Red Bank Catholic HS
Gillespie, Julianna Jackson Memorial HS
Builes, Isabella Colts Neck HS
Anderson, Grace 20:21.60 Red Bank Catholic HS
Pfeffer, Makenzie 21:01.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Abbonizio, Grace 21:34.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Danko, Sarina 21:50.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Christensen, Sarah 21:51.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Gencarelli, Emily 21:53.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Johnson, Brianna 22:18.00 Colts Neck HS
Pillsbury, Grace 23:03.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Marini, Paige 23:04.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Hill, Ava 23:21.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Bataglio, Ava 23:24.09 Red Bank Catholic HS
Marinelli, Erika 23:25.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Hailu, Sarah 23:38.81 Red Bank Catholic HS
Powell, Taylor 23:47.35 Colts Neck HS
McAnally, Kristina 24:12.00 Red Bank Catholic HS
Foster, Alexa 24:16.00 Red Bank Catholic HS
Torchia, Kampbell 24:39.04 Red Bank Catholic HS
Muhlenbruck, Summer 24:41.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Dellocono, Jennifer 24:45.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Giuffi, Giovanna 24:59.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Burns, Molly 25:08.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Davis, Madison 25:14.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Salim, Rawan 25:26.00 Jackson Memorial HS
Scalabrini, Madeline 25:34.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Hewitt, Jordan 25:38.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Scarpa, Sophia 26:08.00 Colts Neck HS
Burke, Shea 26:14.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Garcia, Julia 26:23.00 Red Bank Catholic HS
Bader, Caroline 27:33.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
Brue, Madelyn 27:43.00 Pt. Pleasant Boro HS
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