Big North Weekly XC Roster Collection page 2021

Mahwah, NJ
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Meet Information

Use this page weekly to add or drop athletes from your Big North Batch Meet Rosters. LFRacing will download the updated rosters every SUNDAY at 1PM, make sure your changes are in by then for the week. There will be no additions at the meet!!! 


Coaches, login to milesplit to goto your team page, and then your roster page. Now, make sure for each runner who is actually on your team for this season is marked ACTIVE. Anyone who is NOT on XC - make sure they are just marked as non-active!! You need to then add athletes to this "meet" - remember this procedure or they will *NOT* have a tag to run!! DO NOT DELETE ATHLETES!!!

Then come back to this page to enter in ALL of your runners (Boys and Girls) into the single roster collection event. We will *NOT* add athletes on the day of the meet!!

This page will also be used for the Divisional Championships!