Athlete Entries

Boys 400m 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kelly, Terrell 53.75 Toms River South HS
Tapp, Robert 53.75 Toms River South HS
Mccoy, Donovan 54.00h Toms River South HS
Brown, Benjamin 55.0 Barnegat Township HS
Stoner, Aidan 55.10 Jackson Memorial HS
Hart, Luke 55.10h Southern Regional HS
Gromadzki, Kevin 55.50h Jackson Liberty HS
Goodwin, Nick 55.70 Toms River East HS
DeBerry, Jamar 56.0 Jackson Memorial HS
Lum, Gavin 56.10h Southern Regional HS
Carney, Liam 56.70 Toms River East HS
Manzella, Kai 56.90h Southern Regional HS
Cruz, Julian 57.5 Barnegat Township HS
Mercado, Josue 58.00 Toms River South HS
Rand, Joshua 58.70 Jackson Memorial HS
Ruch, Jake 59.00 Toms River South HS
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Boys 55m 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stroin, Zach 6.90h Lacey Twp. HS
Todaro, Anthony 6.95 Toms River South HS
Costello, Connor 7.0 Barnegat Township HS
Guarino, Nicholas 7.0 Barnegat Township HS
Orellana, Jonathan 7.00 Toms River South HS
Bruther, John 7.04h Southern Regional HS
Anirina, Brendan 7.04h Toms River East HS
Hills, Connor 7.15 Jackson Liberty HS
Corrado, Zachary 7.18 Jackson Liberty HS
Braun, Casey 7.19 Jackson Liberty HS
Vilus, Jayvon 7.19 Jackson Liberty HS
Malangone, Nick 7.19 Jackson Liberty HS
Hallihan, Jovani 7.20 Jackson Memorial HS
Guarino, Jake 7.20h Barnegat Township HS
Fraim, Donovan 7.20h Barnegat Township HS
Sweeney, Aidan 7.30 Jackson Memorial HS
Mangan, Jack 7.30h Lacey Twp. HS
Worthy, Matthieu 7.40h Barnegat Township HS
Daniele, Joshua 7.44h Toms River East HS
Mills, Evan 7.44h Toms River East HS
Barreto, Anthony 7.64h Toms River East HS
Jackson, Donald 7.90h Lacey Twp. HS
Bahooshian, Adam 8.40h Lacey Twp. HS
Quinn, Patrick 8.40h Barnegat Township HS
Cole, Kaileb 8.50h Lacey Twp. HS
Sares, Alexander 9.00h Barnegat Township HS
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Boys 55m Hurdles 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Soujanen, Collin 10.20h Jackson Liberty HS
Gallacher, Hank 8.04h Southern Regional HS
Fabrizzio, Nicholas 8.34h Southern Regional HS
Elkhouly, Adam 8.40 Jackson Memorial HS
Grandilli, Matthew 8.50 Jackson Memorial HS
Mezza, Anthony 8.64h Toms River East HS
Drexler, Taner 8.74h Southern Regional HS
Plesniarski, Dominic 9.14h Southern Regional HS
Lentini, Tim 9.80h Jackson Liberty HS
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Girls 400m 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hochstrasser, Hailey 1:00.00h Southern Regional HS
Fasakin, Desola 1:03.00h Toms River South HS
Bates, Gabriella 1:05.00h Southern Regional HS
Caporrino, Emily 1:07.00h Southern Regional HS
Preiser, Angelina 1:07.00h Southern Regional HS
Bruther, Jessica 1:07.00h Southern Regional HS
Siek, Caitlyn 1:07.00h Southern Regional HS
Roth, Anna 1:08.00h Lacey Twp. HS
Mollica, Amanda 1:08.1 Jackson Memorial HS
Tomko, Caroline 1:08.50h Lacey Twp. HS
Albis, Natalie 1:09.00h Lacey Twp. HS
Smock, Ava 1:09.10h Jackson Memorial HS
Shakaib, Naila 1:23.10h Jackson Memorial HS
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Girls 55m 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Costello, Alanna 10.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Cofinas, Julianna 10.00 Jackson Liberty HS
Feiteira, Emily 10.40h Jackson Liberty HS
Gosser, Valencia 7.32 Barnegat Township HS
LaRoches, Jennifer 7.82 Toms River South HS
Ren, Rainbow 7.95 Lacey Twp. HS
LaBarca, Mia 7.97 Toms River South HS
Reilly, Ava 7.98 Toms River East HS
Nadeau, Laurel 8.01 Toms River South HS
Rivera, Ingrid 8.01 Toms River East HS
Adams, Riley 8.05 Toms River East HS
Fitch, Kalaya Z. 8.20h Jackson Memorial HS
Cicco, Emma 8.25 Toms River East HS
Reid, Sofia 8.3 Lacey Twp. HS
Rajhel, Elizabeth 8.30h Jackson Liberty HS
Vito, Elizabeth 8.40h Lacey Twp. HS
Vervier, Kaitlyn 8.40h Lacey Twp. HS
Hudson, Aiyanna 8.45 Toms River South HS
Canzano, Geanna 8.6 Lacey Twp. HS
Cheney, Meghan 8.60h Barnegat Township HS
Yalovitser, Evelina 8.60h Jackson Liberty HS
Yalch, Kathryn 8.70h Jackson Memorial HS
Hackett, Melissa 9.00h Barnegat Township HS
Ramirez, Rebecca 9.10h Jackson Liberty HS
Landers, Grace 9.10h Jackson Liberty HS
Colon, Olivia 9.10h Jackson Liberty HS
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Girls 55m Hurdles 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ortner, Tiffany 10.00h Southern Regional HS
Powers, Noelle 10.40 Jackson Memorial HS
Gallacher, Abby 10.50h Southern Regional HS
Oworsu, Nanafula 10.70h Toms River South HS
Canchon, Bella 10.76 Toms River East HS
Stec, Ashlee 10.77 Toms River East HS
Thunig, Raisa 9.02 Toms River East HS
Casalino, Nina 9.91 Toms River East HS
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