Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

                                           77th ANNUAL BOYS and 45th ANNUAL GIRLS

                               JERSEY CITY CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS

                                                Tuesday - November 3, 2020

1 Team - Seven (7) maximum in varsity races.
Unlimited entry in Freshmen & JV Races.
Roster Entry on Milesplit / Deadline Noon on 10/23/20

Freshmen B teams will not score - first 7 across line will comprise TEAM.

ONLY TOP 7 WILL MEDAL (Medals will NOT be given out at the finish line.)
DEADLINE: Online PAPER entry declaration (signed by AD), with check or PO, is 10/5
-Freshman Girls @ 2:15pm
-Freshman Boys @ 2:45pm
-Varsity Girls @ 3:15pm
-Varsity Boys @ 3:45pm
-Combined JV Boys/Girls @ 4:15pm (No Team Title or Team awards)
Winning boys & girls team in Frosh & Varsity divisions.
Top 10 individuals if entries warrant.
NOTES: You MUST run a complete Varsity, Top 5, before entering the JV race. Freshmen may run

freshmen regardless. There will be no Jr. Varsity team scoring.