Hudson County (HCTCA) Championships 2017

Secaucus, NJ
Hosted by HCTCA
Timing/Results MCCATS

Meet Information

Meet Information
Hudson County Track Coaches Association
at Secaucus High School
Thursday, May 18th @ 4:00 PM & Saturday, May 20th @ 10:00AM

Timing: F.A.T. will be provided by: MCTCA

Entry Limits: Varsity Limit (3) entries per individual event and (1) relay per school.
Underclass is unlimited entry in all events.

On Line Entry: Coaches MUST enter their team on line at NJ MileSplit.
Although there is a 3 athlete max for Varsity the site will be set up to allow coaches to enter unlimited entries in the Varsity. This will allow coaches to select the 3 competitors the day of the meet. However, only those athletes entered on line by the deadline date will be permitted to run.

Awards: Championship Plaque to the winning Varsity Boys & Girls team.
Small plaque to the winning Fr/So Girls & Freshman Boys team.
Medals to the top 6 places in all events / divisions.

Scoring: 1st 6th Place. Points will be awarded 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

Seeding: Will be done the day of competition with cards. NJ MileSplit times ( will be used to verify 200m, 400m & 400m IH Times.

Track: In the 100m Dash and 100/110m Hurdles the Top 6 on TIME will advance to Final.

Field: In the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin the Top 6 in Varsity will advance to 3 throw / jump final. All underclass will be 3 jumps / throws no final.

Deadline: Entry must be received by Thursday 5/11/17

Rain Date: In the event of postponement on 5/19/16 the rain date is 5/20/16 at 4:00 pm.

There will be a posting on the HCTCA message board and a mass e-mailing to all coaches and ADs by 1:30 pm only if there is a postponement. Please do not call.

Varsity events scheduled for 5/21/16 are rain or shine and will not be postponed.

Spikes: 1/4" spikes or flats only on the track and jumping surfaces

Check-in: Failure to check in on time may result in athlete(s) being closed out of an event and/or being shut out of seeded heats.

Waivers: Coaches will be responsible for retaining their athletes HCIAL insurance waivers. Athletes who do not complete the waiver should not be permitted to compete.
Hudson County Track Coaches Association
at Secaucus High School
Thursday, May 18th @ 4:00 pm & Saturday, May 20th @ 10:00 am

ENTRY deadline: Thursday May 11th
Submit ENTRY To: E-Mail: / FAX: (201) 547 4761
Mail: John E. Nagel, 10 Cherry Street, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Mail CHECK To: John E. Nagel, 10 Cherry Street, Jersey City, NJ 07305


Varsity Girls 400m IH
Fr/So Girls 400m IH
Varsity Boys 400m IH
Frosh Boys 400m IH

VG 100m Trials
VB 100m Trials
F/SG 100m Trials
FB 100m Trials

VG 1600m
VB 1600m
F/SG 1600m
FB 1600m

VG 100m Final
VB 100m Final
F/SG 100m Final
FB 100m Final

JV Girls 1600m
JV Boys 1600m

VG 400m
VB 400m
F/SG 400m
FB 400m
JV Girls 400m
JV Boys 400m

Varsity Boys Javelin
Fr/So Girls Javelin
Varsity Girls Javelin
Frosh Boys Javelin
JV Girls Javelin time permitting
JV Boys Javelin time permitting

Varsity Girls Discus
Frosh Boys Discus
Varsity Boys Discus
Fr/So Girls Discus

Varsity Girls Long Jump
Varsity Boys Long Jump
Fr/So Girls Long Jump
Frosh Boys Long Jump
JV Boys Long Jump time permitting
JV Girls Long Jump time permitting

Varsity Boys High Jump
Varsity Girls High Jump

TRACK 10:00 AM
Varsity Girls 100m Hurdles Trials
Fr/So Girls 100m Hurdles Trials
Varsity Boys 110m Hurdles Trials
Frosh Boys 110m Hurdles Trials

Varsity Girls 800m
Varsity Boys 800m
Fr/So Girls 800m
Frosh Boys 800m

Varsity Boys 110m Hurdles Final
Frosh Boys 110m Hurdles Final
Varsity Girls 100m Hurdles Final
Fr/So Girls 100m Hurdles Final

JV Girls 800m
JV Boys 800m

Varsity Girls 200m Final on Time
Varsity Boys 200m Final on Time
Fr/So Girls 200m Final on Time
Frosh Boys 200m Final on Time

Varsity Girls 3200m
Varsity Boys 3200m
Fr/So Girls 3200m
Frosh Boys 3200m

Varsity Girls 4 x 400m Relay
Varsity Boys 4 x 400m Relay

FIELD 10:00 AM
Varsity Girls Shot Put (4K)
Varsity Boys Shot Put (12lb.)
Frosh Boys Shot Put (8 lb.)
Fr/So Girls Shot Put (4K)

Varsity Boys Triple Jump
Varsity Girls Triple Jump

Fr/So Girls High Jump
Frosh Boys High Jump

* - - - - -

JV Girls Javelin if necessary
JV Boys Javelin if necessary

JV Boys Long Jump if necessary
JV Girls Long Jump if necessary