Colts Neck Relays 2016

Colts Neck, NJ

Meet Information

Registration help:

You can follow the instructions online at Please follow these instructions closely. We will need all teams to have a roster up-to-date and available for our timers to download. A tip, once you put a check next to all individual entries, make sure to hit the button Done Editing or nothing will be saved. Click on everyone that may compete so you wont be shorthanded. If it asks you for an event, use HS Boys All Events or HS Girls All Events. It is important that you add all new kids into your team roster before you start to add them into the meet.
Go to, hit calendar at top of page and move down to Colts Neck Relays. Click on Online Entry. On the right of the title Colts Neck relays is a green button that says Register Online Now. Then click Enter School.

$18 per running relay
$12 per field relay
$5 per individual event
Payments checks made out to:
Colts Neck Track

mail to:
Colts Neck HS
att: Jim Schlentz
59 Five Points Rd
Colts Neck, NJ 07722

400 and 1600 allow 8 entries. No 4 x 400. 400 hurdles allows 2 additional individual entries.