The Road to MOC - Sectional Coverage ...It's All Here

Sectional Weekend - It's All Here


The Road to Old Bridge and the possibility of an MOC title starts this this afternoon at 4:00pm for many New Jersey athletes. Sectional action kicks off the NJSIAA Championship series with meets at 8 venues throughout the state starting today. NJRunners will be on site at 6 venues to bring you as much coverage as we can. Come on back here or visit any of the Meet Pages to keep up with results, event updates and more. WHAT A WEEKEND!!



Saturday from Egg Harbor Twp.

Chris Callinan checks in;


Ok,here we go. 
In the Girls 800 group 3 Celine Mazzi of Delsea wins in a lean over Molly Applegate of TR South.  (2:18.31 to 2:18.34) 
Girls 100 HH Grop 3 Samantha Jensen of Central Regional runs a quick 13.91 for an easy win over Cidae'a Woods of Winslow who runs 14.85.
In the girls 800 Group 4.  Julia Despirito of Shawnee leads an amazing 10 girls underr 2:20 when she wins in 2:15.81 to nip Ocasio of Lenape at 2:15.82
Girls 100 HH girls Evann Thompson puts Lenape into the lead over Cherokee by 4 with a win in 14.34.  Southern takes 2nd and 3rd with Rodriguez and Ohlson.
Boys 800 Chris Marco of Toms River South backs up his 4:13 win from yesterday to go wire to wire in 1:53.48.
Kingsways Cooke and Manhertz go 2-3 1:56 and 1:57
Syid Evans-White add to the already leading Oakcrest team when he wins in 14.12.  Timber Creek goes 2-3 with Potter and Gray.
Leaquan (Vineland) leads 2 Cherokee boys over the line in winning 1:55.12 (Merrigan and Viscidy run 1:56)  (1:57 was the last qualifier in this group)
In the boys 110 HH Group 4 Arthur Ashton runs a good 14.60 in the trials but then runs an amazing 14.01 in the finals.  Steve Morgan adds to the Egg Harbor Lead as he places 2nd in 14.46
In the girls G4LJ  Dana Ohlson wins in 18'4.5
Boys 3200 Steve Maine of Highland comes back after a bad fall in the 1600 yesterday and wins going away in 9:37 over Nick Costello of Delsea
The Group 3 boys Triple Jump Josh Gray lead a 1-3 Timber Creek Charger finish.  Josh goes 46'4.5 for the win and Jarel Ferren of Timber Creek goes 45'1  (Split by Darnell Charles of Oakcrest in 45'10.5)
The boys 3200 saw Shawn wilson kick to his second win of the meet when he runs 9:38 Conner Herr holds on to 2nd with Kyle Leonard 3rd.
going into the girls 4x400 group 4 Cherokee holds a 1/3 of a point lead over Southern
Southern claims the 4x400 and the team title over Cherokee.  Southern runs 3:54  (top 6 all under 4:03)


Friday Live at Hillsborough HS (CJ

The meet is underway as the Gr. 1 Girls 400H will start (4 heats)


We are having some difficulty with equipment and will have to list top 3 as results become available.


Grp 1 Girls 400H

1 Khabira Crawford (Dunellen) 64.24

2 Danisha Hemingway (Riverside) 67.19

3 Jennifer Niji (Shore) 67.19


Grp 4 Girls 400H

1 Kendal Hand (Howell) 64.13

2 Christina LiPuma (WW-P No) 65.04

3 Julia Petruch (Colts Neck) 65.o4


In news from the Girls 400H in So. Plfld. Meghan

McMullinof Red Bank Cath wins the So. A title in 62.82


Grp 1 Boys 400H

1 Chris Crawford (Dunellen) 55.48

2 Adam Coyle (New Egypt) 57.38

3 Pat Theiringer (Highland Pk) 57.85


Grp 4 Boys 400H

1. Jermaine Collier (Trenton Central) 53.49

2 Brandon Hill (Trenton Central) 53.79

3 Joe Messick (Montgomery) 53.95


The seeded section of the G1 Girls 1600m is on the track

Brianna Feerst of Pt. Pleasant Bch is way out in fron at the 800 mark (2:34)

Feerst, showing a little fatigue after the quick start wins unpressed in 5:09(un)


Gr 1 Girls 1600m

1 Brianna Feerst (Pt. Pleasant Bch) 5:10.51

2 Kristina Smiling (Metuchen) 5:24.24

3. Courtney Connolly (New Prov.) 5:26.03


Reporting in from So. Plfld, Joe Lanzalotto has RBC's Lindsey Belleran at 5:01 for the win in the NP So. Girls 1600


In the Gr. 2 Girls 1600 m in So. Plfld, Berard's senior Dana Giordano wins big in 4:52.xx (un)


In the Gr. 3 Girls 1600m, Kylene Cochrane of West Morris wins in 4:56.xx (un), followed bt Mendahm teammates Abby Seel and Mackenzie Barry


Blake Udland of Millburn goes 65/63/62/61 for a 4:11.7 win


BIG NEWS - Paramus Catholic star Myasia Jacobs pulls a hamstring and is out of the 100m




Back in Hilsboro, the dash trials are going on now


As we wrap up the Dash , the Gr. 4 Girls 1600m will take the track


From the Field

Gr 1 Girls TJ

1 Ashley Brower (Middlesex) 34-07

2 Charlie Hesse (Pt. Pleasant Bch) 34-04.5

3 Ellen Dougherty (Shore) 34-01


Grp. 1 Girls Javelin

1 Steph Heidinger (Dunellen) 106-0

2 Myah Campbell-Reeves (New Prov) 98-03

3 Yazmin DeCamp (New Egypt) 96-00


Chris Callinan with an update from EHT (SJ 3 & 4)

* Delsea girls jump out to an early lead:  Ashley Woodards leads a Delsea 1-2 (Christina Barbaro) Ashley wins in 63.23, 64.83 for 2nd:


"Alex Reber has CHE out to an early lead with his win in the IH.  in 53.78, followed by Arthur Ashton, Washington Twp 55.39

Delsea wins also the boys hurdles when Marcus Williams runs 54.33 to defeat Syid Evans-White 55.14.  Oakcrest goes 2-4 when Adkisson finishes 4th.
Evan Thompson from  Lenape wins the girls 400IH in 63.62.  Lenape also gets Carly Pettipaw gets 4th. 
Delsea keeps it going as Celine Mazzi wins in 5:04.71.   Kristen Bettis fades down the straight and collapses at the finish line.  She is down for a bit but appears to be ok (she finished 3rd)
Oakcrest has the top 3 seeds going into the final of the boys G3 100
Brian Regan is the leading qualifier in the G4 100
Annie Johnson runs a speedy 12.08 to lead all G4 qualifiers
Samantha Jensen of Central Regional leads the G3 Qualifiers as she runs 12.42
Antwan Dickerson of Pennsauken is your G4 HJ winner as he clears 6'6.  AJ Vance places 2nd (EHT)
Daniel Jefferson leads a 1-3-5 finish for Oakcrest as he clears 6'4 Jared Dalponte was 3rd and Shane Bush was 5th
Winslow Twp. goes 1-2 in the Girls G3 TJ Cidae'a Woods jumps 36'6.75 for the win and She'quell Higgs places 2nd in 35'9.5"
Megan Lacy wins the G4 girls as she kicks hard and runs 4:55.66, Natalia Ocasio runs 4:45.50 for 2nd Dina Iacone places 3rd running 5:00.44
Shawn Wilson of Cherokee wins the mile in 4:19 but Tom McLaughlin gets valuable points for the home squad and kicks to second.
Brian Regan wins the G4 100 when he runs a fast 10.76 to win easily but Curtis Fitzpatrick gets EHT 8 points
Oakcrest goes 1-2 in the 100 Santiago wins in 10.54 with Morton 2nd.
Annie Johnson runs 12.07 in the 100 final for the win.
Samantha Jensen of central wins the 100 in G3 in 12.24
Chris Marco runs a very fast 4:13.76 to win by almost 7 seconds in the G3 1600.
Ashley Woodards wins the G3 G 400 when she runs 56.80.
Pierce of Timber Creek is second in 57.71
Egg Harbor goes 1-2 in the shot  Yamoah throws 56-.5 and Fitzpatrick goes 53-.75
 G3 Girls Jav Jeanie Berry goes 119'5 for the win
Kelly Hopkins of Moorestown wins the G3 Disc with a heave of 123'3
 Group 4 boys LJ Michaeux (Eastern) wins when he jumps 23'1.75
Jess Woodard of Cherokee is the G4 Champion in the Discus when she unleashes a 132'9.
(Millville goes 2-3 in the disc with Weems and Kennedy and 5th with Diaz)
Delsea wins another event as Billy Wengert wins the PV in 13'6"
Albright of Ocean City also vaults 13'6 but ends up second.
The just completed Gr. 4 Girls 1600 was, so far, the race of the day. A field of Simone Counts (WW-P No.), Cayla DelPiano (So. Bruns), Kelly Janakowicz (H'boro) and WW-P So's Caroline Kellner ran closely for 3 laps until Counts, a soph, pulled away with Janakowicz gamely chasing
the final
1. Simone Counts (4:58.93)
2. Kelly Janakowicz (5:00.67)
3. Caroline Kellner (5:02.13)
Gr 1 Boys 1600m
Everett price (New Prov) 4:31.97
Gr 4 Boys 1600m
Another great group 4 race as a pack ripped through 1400m befoe Graham Huggins-Filozof (Freehold Twp) nips Jake Riff (WW-P So.)
4:19.41 to 4:19.56
Gr 4 Girls 100m
Kaitlyn davis (No. Bruns) 11:98
Gr 4 Boys 100m
Donald Urschel (East Bruns) 10.99
Gr 1 Boys 100m
Anthony Cioffi (Jonathan Dayton)
Gr. 4 Girls Discus
Daniell Padovano (So. Bruns) 121-10
Gr 1 Girls 100m
Malika Johnson (Metuchen) 12.83
Grp 1 Girls 400m
Kristina Smiling (Metuchen) 59.91
More from the Field (Winners only)
Gr. 4 Girls PV
Marlena Sabatino (H'boro) 12-0
Gr. 4 Boys LJ
Emeka EZE (Sayreville) 24-04
Gr 1 Boys PV
Micheal Closs (New Prov.) 14-0
Gr. 4 Boys SP
Sam Mattis (E. Bruns) 54-07
Gr 1 Boys SP
Kyle Groover (Florence) 47-08
The Full Results of this Sectional and all the rest will be posted as quickly as I receive them this evening




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You can start the speculation and handicapping with the Rankings by Section to see who's who.

Updated Rankings by Section


For specific Information ( Driving Directions, Weather Forecasts, and more to come) by Sectional Venue, Go to these Links

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North 1 - Groups 1,4 & NP North "B" @ Randolph HS


North 2 - Groups 1,4 & NP North "A" @ Ridge HS

North 2 - Groups 2,3 & NP South "A" @ South Plainfield HS


Central - Groups 1,4 @ Hillsborough HS

Central - Groups 2,3 @ Monmouth Regional HS


South - Goups 3,4 @ Egg Harbor Twp. HS

South - Groups 1,2 & NP South "B" @ Buena Regional HS


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Cover Photo: Star Jermaine Collier leads a potent Trenton Central Sprint / Hurdle Corps at the CJ Group 4 meet

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