Kingsway Sweeps Gloucester County For Sixth Straight Year

Full Results

For the sixth straight year the Kingsway boys and girls both earned the team trophy at Gloucester County Championships. For the boys that streak goes back even longer, all the way to 2012.

Boys Recap

The boys win came with 49 points and a 17:25 average. It was a tough battle over West Deptford 54pts, Clearview 67pts, and the Gateway/Woodbury Co-op 68pts.

They were led by junior Kyle Rakitis in second at 16:16 and their mid to late pack did major work in the scoring from there. Ryan Allen eighth, 17:19, Aidan Smith ninth, 17:20, Ethan Gray 11th, 17:35, Thomas Driscoll, 19th, 18:37, and their sixth and seventh Nick Allen and Darius Davis in 20th and 25th.

West Deptford had a strong early attack off the legs of Zach Rhoda and Jacob Cobb running third and fourth at 16:29 and 16:40.

The race was won individually for the second straight year by Brady Shute of Gateway/Woodbury with an impressive time of 15:59. Now a senior Shute has never finished lower than 14th at this meet, he was second as a sophomore and won his final two races in the series. This year he's won four cross country races including batches and has a 15:03.49 5K on the track.

Also finishing in the top five was Clearview Regional's Anas Bensaoud running 16:53. A freshman Peyton Shute rolling through in sixth with a 16:57 performance. 

Girls Recap

Onto the girls side where Kingsway showed some dominance in the scoring with 25 points and a 20:22 average. Second place was Clearview averaging 21:16 and scoring a total of 59. 

They were led by the race winner Aubrey Pierontoni, the sophomore ran 19:45 ahead of teammate Allison Helkowski in second at 19:56. This is the seventh straight year a Kingsway girl has won the individual race, a streak that started when Rachel Vick won her first of three straight titles in 2014.

Closing up the top five for Kingsway was Sydney Watts running sixth at 20:29, Nicole Lipieta seventh, 20:47, and freshman Cassidy Dunk ninth, 20:54. Their sixth and seventh runners Allison MacFarland and Shelby Dyer crossed in 11th and 13th. 

Also running top five in the race was Clearview senior Katherine Byrne running 20:06, Delsea's Carly Nicholson at 20:15, and Clearview's Abigail Waddington 20:19.

Recent Results


  • Boys - Brady Shute (Gateway/Woodbury) 15:59.31 / Kingsway 49pts
  • Girls - Aubrey Pierontoni (Kingsway) 19:45.26 / Kingsway 25pts


  • Boys - Brady Shute (Gateway/Woodbury) 16:14 / Kingsway 37pts
  • Girls - Ashlynne Burke (Kingsway) 19:16 / Kingsway 22pts


  • Boys - Daniel Reynolds (Kingsway) 16:20 / Kingsway 28pts
  • Girls - Ashlynne Burke (Kingsway) 19:06 / Kingsway 15pts


  • Boys - Stone Caraccio (Kingsway) 16:28 / Kingsway 32pts
  • Girls - Alexis Mullarkey (Kingsway) 18:59 / Kingsway 15pts


  • Boys - Joe Grandizio (Kingsway) 16:14 / Kingsway 25pts 
  • Girls - Rachel Vick (Kingsway) 18:43 / Kingsway 34pts


  • Boys - Joe Grandizio (Kingsway) 16:19 / Kingsway 25pts
  • Girls - Rachel Vick (Kingsway) 18:46 / Kingsway 20pts


  • Boys - Noah Culbreath (Kingsway) 16:23 / Kingsway 28pts
  • Girls - Rachel Vick (Kingsway) 19:23 / Clearview Reg 37pts


  • Boys - Noah Culbreath (Kingsway) 16:22 / Kingsway 53pts
  • Girls - Celine Mazzi (Delsea) 19:02 / Pitman 44pts
2012 (Camden Gloucester)
  • Boys - Kyle Leonard (Washington Twp) 16:30 / Kingsway 39pts
  • Girls - Vicky Ajimoko (Williamstown) 18:49 / Kingsway 48pts

2011 (Camden Gloucester)

  • Boys -  Nick Costello (Delsea) 16:30 / Clearview 48pts
  • Girls - Dina Iacone (Washington Twp) 18:38 / Delsea 38pts