Salute to Seniors: Sarah Kulpa of Monroe Twp

Salute To Seniors is a medium for "senior farewells". We invite this year's seniors to tell their stories from the past four years. With the loss of the spring season we hope we can offer a chance to reflect on all the great moments this class did get to experience.

We have a few waiting in queue which will be published more rapidly this month, you still have time to submit but we're looking to end the series with the end of July. 

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A Runner Lives Forever

By Sarah Kulpa
Monroe Township HS

I hold you tight, my love and passion for
high school running. I hold you. You are my loved
and favorite pastime, and now, I don't know who
I would be without you. I take you with me with all the
pride of crossing the finish line at a race.

You are my thoughts in every thing I do.

I take you with me on hot summer mornings
where I first learn to love you, everyday after school
when you make me stronger while other kids go home,
on freezing fall mornings where I fear rain and mud but learn to persevere,
as I lay on a hot turf field drenched in sweat and a sense of accomplishment,
and nearly every Saturday for the past four years.
I hold you close to me with those who showed me
compassion and teamwork when you didn't agree with me.

I take you with me, high school running,
because you will continue to be
my world for the next four years in college
and the rest of my life I will always be a distance runner.
I take you with me.
I take you with me.
I take you with me.
I take you with me.

I will take you with me down any hill.
I will take you with me on an uphill battle.
I will take you with me as a bully.
I will take you with me as a teacher.
I will take you with me on sunny days.
I will take you with me on rainy days.
I will take you with me when I can't breathe.
I will take you with me when you give me life.
I will take you with me forever,
forever, forever, high school running.

Oh and I won't forget, how you have knocked me down,
so I could learn how to stand up for myself.
You tried to tear apart my body,
but I learned how to fight you back.
You took my breath away,
but found me someone who does the same.

I take you everywhere, high school running.
You are my motivation.
I hold you close to my heart.

I live for you, my summer mornings,  

my after school plans, my Saturdays
and new goals always running through my mind.

This year we faced new challenges.
You got knocked down,
but if I have learned anything from you,
You will pick yourself up and come back stronger next time.
You taught me to fight back and now its your turn to do the same.

Come me with me, high school running. I am so alive, and you will never die.