Track Will Be Back, A Poem By Elijah Brown

While we isolate from the world many of us may have more time to think and create. Union Catholic senior Elijah Brown, a 2019 Indoor Meet of Champions winner and multi-time Group Champion, did just that submitting a poem on the sport. 

This past indoor season, the George Mason-bound Brown defended his Union County 400m title running 49.55, won his second straight Non-Public A 800m State title for the 800m, and finished his season with an 800m PR of 1:53.26, also ranked US#10, to finish fourth at the Meet of Champions.

Track Will Be Back

By Elijah Brown

Dear high school runners and the running community,

Track and field is an art

Every time you step on that track you get a fresh start

I run with heart, and try to separate myself from the average

Discipline is key, just like Steph Curry mastered the three

Track and field is my passion, and the love for it is everlasting

Even when I've wanted to quit, I never lost confidence in myself one bit

Track and field can sometimes drive me crazy, but I know it'll never make me lazy

When the crowd is into a race, you just got to embrace and put on your game face

When I'm on the track it makes me feel free

Sometimes we can't see what's ahead, but I'd rather take a chance instead of being misled

Track is a lot of mental, and the lactic acid is not so gentle

During tough times you will get tested, keep faith

And ignore the hate

Everybody makes mistakes

It's part of your story, so go follow your path to glory

We're in this together, track and field will live on forever.

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For those looking for an outlet we are definitely open to more student athlete created content such as Dear Running / Throwing / Jumping letters or other types of creative pieces such as this. Same goes for coaches, if you have an idea feel free to contact