New Jersey's 2010s All-Decade Cross Country Teams

Meet of Champions winner and the New Jersey Holmdel course record holder Megan Venables. 

With the end of the 2010s upon us we decided it would be fitting to list an All-Decade cross country team and program for the State of New Jersey.

With so much talent to pack in this was not an easy process, and for athletes to make these teams they really needed some titles won on their side to get the conversation started - whether that be at the state or post-season levels and then moving back from there to more local stuff, noting times clocked, and so on. Let's just say there were definitely athletes outside these chosen seven that were in deep consideration for the positions.

Meet of Champions winner Briana Gess at the 2015 South Sectionals. 

Also this is an all-decade list, so this takes in their entire body of work during the 2010s not just one season. On the other end of that, for certain athletes this may cut off some of their competition years if they graduated at the start of the decade. 

All individuals are listed in alphabetical order, there are seven to a team and there is one program (school and coach) that has been selected as well.

A thank you to Jim Lambert for his aide in selecting these honors. Congratulations to everyone who made the team!

Girls All-Decade Team

2-time Meet of Champions winner Alyssa Aldridge. 

NameTeamYears in DecadeHolmdel PRAccolades

Alyssa Aldridge

Mainland Reg '182014-201717:552xMOCs winner, All-American FL, Winner, 3x G3 Champ, 4 years never lower than 2nd at MOCs, 15th all-time Holmdel. 

Charlotte Bednar

The Lawrenceville School '222018-201918:00NXRNE Winner, 2xAll-American, 2x NXN Qualifier, 19th all-time with one race at Holmdel.

Sarah DiSanza

High Point Reg '132010-201217:47MOCs Winner, All-American NXN, 2xNXN Qualifier, G2 Champ, 8th all-time Holmdel. 

Briana Gess

Haddonfield '172013-201617:45MOCs Winner, 3xG2 Champ, Foot Locker Qualifier, 3 top-3 finishes at MOCs, 6th all-time Holmdel

Chloe Gonzalez

North Hunterdon '202016-201917:45MOCs Winner, 3xNXN Qualifier, 3 top five finishes at MOCs, 3 team MOCs Titles, G4 Champs, 6th all-time Holmdel

Abby Loveys

Randolph '192015-201817:52MOCs Winner, 2xG4 Champ, 4 top-15 finishes at MOCs, 2x Foot Locker Qualifier, All-American, 13th all-time Holmdel

Megan Venables 

Highland Reg '11201017:28MOCs Winner, G3 Champ, 5th at Foot Locker, All-American, NJ's Holmdel course record, 2nd all-time Holmdel

*Venables' only had her 2010 season counted for this article but she had four Meet of Champions appearances in total including a 13th, 5th, 2nd, and 1st place finish. Was also top ten in the Group 3 Championship all four years. 

*Bednar was with the Hun School of Princeton as a freshman before transferring to The Lawrenceville School for her sophomore year. While she doesn't compete in the NJSIAA meets she has certainly made her case for the team in other ways such as Regionals and Nationals success, fast course times, and local and Prep State Titles. 

*When we have the word Qualifier in their accolades, this could be either individual or team berth. 

Girls All-Decade Program

Head Coach Sean Walsh second from top left. 

North Hunterdon

Head Coach: Sean Walsh

  • Three straight Meet of Champions wins - 2017, 2018, 2019. 
  • In 2016 they were second at the Meet of Champions and have qualified for the meet out of the talent heavy Group 4 seven of the ten years this decade. Currently on a six year streak of MOCs qualification from the Group meet.  
  • Four straight Nike Cross Northeast Regional victories and Nike Cross Nationals qualifications. 
  • They have four individual girls on the top 100 All-Decade New Jersey list at Holmdel Park including Chloe Gonzalez, tied for second at 17:45, Eve Glasergreen, 18th at 18:15, Emily Nugent, 49th at 18:34, and Elena DiMarcello, 64th with 18:40. 
  • Chloe Gonzalez is sixth all-time at Holmdel Park with that 17:45, Eve Glasergreen 31st all-time. 
  • The teams seven Meet of Champions advancements have brought in three Championships, one second place, one fifth place, a seventh place, and an eighth place finish as a team. 

Some Team Highlight Stories from the Decade

Eve Glasergreen at the 2014 Meet of Champions. 

North Hunterdon's Top 10 at Holmdel Park During 2010s

North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS
North Hunterdon HS

Ellie DiMarcello on the left and Chloe Gonzalez on the right.