New Jersey's Qualifiers for Foot Locker and NXN

There were two separate Northeast Regional meets in New York on Saturday, the Foot Locker Northeast Regional took place at Van Cortlandt Park and the Nike Cross Nationals Northeast Regional kicked off at Bowdoin Park. New Jersey's talented athletes advanced to their respective National Championship meets out of both Regional competitions. 

This article quickly covers all of New Jersey's athletes and teams advancing to the National meets for both series. You'll also find links to videos and articles taking a deeper dive into the action. 


Liam Murphy and Kevin Antczak have both accepted invitations to Nike Cross Nationals! They will be running in both National Championship meets. 

An update Monday morning! Jack Jennings has also accepted an invite to NXN

NXN adds some At-Large Individuals, these can be if an athlete fell short of the cutoff at a Nike Cross Regional meet or if they competed outside of those meets such as at a Foot Locker Regional. 

Foot Locker Northeast Regionals

How to Advance: The top ten individual finishers move on to run at Nationals.

Foot Locker Nationals will take place in San Diego, CA on December 14th. 



Nike Cross Nationals Northeast Regional

How to Advance: The top five individual finishers who haven't already qualified with a team and the top two teams move on. There are also four "at-large" team berths for squads placing either third or fourth between all the Regional locations that are chosen by a committee. 

Nike Cross Nationals will take place in Portland, OR on December 7th. 

Boys Qualifiers

  • Christian Brothers Academy - 2nd 105 pts 16:36.8 Avg
  • Jackson Braddock - Southern Regional - 5th 15:57.6
  • *At-Large Invite - Liam Murphy - Allentown - 3rd at Foot Locker Northeast
  • *At-Large Invite - Kevin Antczak - Mainland Regional - 4th at Foot Locker Northeast 
  • *At-Large Invite - Jack Jennings - Mendhan - 5th at Foot Locker Northeast 

Girls Qualifiers