Live Updates from Roxbury Invitational

Below you'll find live updates and winners from the Roxbury Invitational, one of the premiere opening weekend meets in New Jersey. After the meet, check back for interviews, photos, and more! 

Live Updates

Here we go!!!!!

Get ur NJ XC ON!!!!

The first big weekend of the season is finally here!!

I'm hanging at the finish line here at Horseshoe Lake Park. It a little breezy, but a great day to race!! Temps in low 60's right now with bright sunshine.

Big changes here. Lots of construction here has caused the course to be altered quite a bit.  

First race of the day will be a one-mile Roxbury Recreation run for kids 8th grade and under.

Here comes the first winner of the day. It's 8th grader Isaac Greene coming across first in the Recreation race. Fifth-grader Faith Hurtado is the girls champ. No times were kept for that race.

The Novice girls 1.6 mile run will go off at 9 a.m.  

9:10 a,m. Roxbury freshman Gabriella Daskalova wins the girls Novice race in 9:26.3

Rumson goes 2-4-5-11-15 to win the girls Novice title, 37-51 over  Chatham. Rumson averaged 10:29.1.

Boys Novice A race is next. Also 1.6 miles. 

9:20 a.m. Novice A boys are off. 

9:27 a.m. Chatham freshman Ryan Beegle comes storming across the line to win the boys Novice A race in 8:08.7. The Ridge boys win the team title, 45-56, over Memorial of W.N.Y. Ridge went 2-4-11-12-16 and averaged 8:45.9 Memorial went 6-9-10-13-18 and averaged 8:57.2.

9:39 a.m. Boys Novice B race is on the course.  

9:47 a.m. WHAT A FINISH!!! Soph. Kieran Brennan of St. Benedict's Prep outkicks soph. Forrest Miller of Triton to win the boys Novice B race by a couple steps, 8:18.8 to 8:20.4.

North Hunterdon wins the boys Novice B team title, 52-68 over Northern Highlands. North Hunterdon averaged 8:51.7 and went 3-4-6-16-23.

10 a.m. Girls Future race is next. This is the first varsity race of the day.  

10:19 a.m. Here comes Megan Smith of Mendham. The soph. drops a huge PR of 19:03.9 to win the girls Future 4 race!!! Mendham wins the team title, 21-40 over Union Catholic. Mendham went 1-3-8-9 and averaged 20:14.8. UC, led by freshman Kathryn Power (second in 20:02) finished 2-4-12-22 and averaged 21:00. 

10:29 a.m. The Boys Future 4 race is up next. It's the first of two boys varsity races.

10:46 a.m. Soph. Dennis Fortuna of Triton runs a huge PR of 16:37 to win the boys Future 4 race!! Previous best of 17:40 came last year at Cumberland High. 

10:55 a.m. The girls Fastest 4 race is up!!! Daisy Liljegren of Northern Highlands, the Bergen County Meet of Champs winner last year, and Emma McGill of Voorhees are in this one!!!

11:13 a.m. Jr. Emma McGill of Voorhees breaks away in the final half mile and wins a great three way battle in the girls Fastest 4 race with a big PR of 18:12.4. Her previous PR was 18:41 when she placed third at this meet last year. Soph. Miranda Lorsbach of Kent Place gets 2nd in 18:18.6 , a step ahead of Daisy Liljegren, third in 18:20.  

McGill's victory led Voorhees to the team title, 56-60 over Skyland Conf. rival Ridge. Voorhees averaged 19:333.9 and went 1-5-12-38. Ridge went 10-14-17-19 and averaged 19:58.7. FYI-Ridge didn't run its top 5 runners today.

11:24 a.m. Boys Fastest 4 race is on the course.

11:40 a.m. Get ur Jackson Barna on!!!! The soph. just crushed this race winning in 15:38.7 to lead Ridge to a remarkable performance.

HOLY SMOKES!!! LOOK OUT FOR RIDGE!!!! Ridge wins big as its top four all ran huge PR's and were all in the top 11!!!!!   Ridge goes 1-3-5-11 (only 4 runners score) and averages 15:55.9!!!!! Ridge defeated North Hunterdon, 19-61.

11:48 a.m. JV girls are next

12:11 p.m. Junior Sonia Goya of Ridge wins the girls JV race in 20:28. Ridge goes 1-3-6-8-18 and averages 21:25 win the team title, 36-43 over Mendham.

12:20 p.m. Boys JV A race is on deck

12:37 p.m. Soph. Cristian Roman of Freehold Twp. wins the biys JV A race in 17:43.8, a step ahead of Nyle Christian of East Brunswick. Bridgewater wins the team title 51-70 over East Brunswick. B-Water goes 6-9-11-12-13 and averages 18:28.

12:48 p.m. Boys JV B race is off. Last race of the day.

1:06 p.m. Soph. James Kisker of Ridge rips a PR of 16:59.4 to lead a 1-2-3-7 finish for Ridge!!!! What a day for Ridge!!! Ridge averaged 17:52 and defeats West Morris, 21-36. The Red Devils made quite a statement here!!!!! 

1:31 p.m. That's a wrap from Horseshoe Lake Park!!!




GET UR 2019 NJ XC ON!!!!!!!