Stewart Invitational Divisions and Meet Information

Here is the meet information and important bussing notes for the Stewart Invitational this Saturday. Below we have also linked teams attending, returner stats from last year's meet results, and virtual meet previews based off the teams attending not the entries themselves. 

Race Schedule

Freshmen Boys 9:00am
Freshmen Girls 9:15am
Varsity Boys A 9:35am Gr3 &4 800+
Varsity Boys B 9:55am Gr1 &2 799-
Varsity Girls A 10:15am Gr3 &4 800+
Varsity Girls B 10:40am Gr1 &2 799-
JV Boys A 11:05am Gr3 &4 800+
JV Boys B 11:25am G 1 &2 799-
JV Girls 11:45am

Team Divisions

Important Bussing Information

The park is working with the cross country community, please repay that kindness by following these instructions. Busses must remain on the course side of Central Ave, this is to ensure the safety of the athletes so they are not crossing the road in traffic.