Somerset County Championships Results and Recap

Full Results

The NJ#2 ranked Ridge girls continued their great season with a big win at the Somerset County Championships on Thursday. The squad scored 21 points averaged 18:57 and split only 45 seconds between their scoring five. They were led by a one two punch of junior Caitlin Haggard and senior Catherine Giuseffi who finished with 18:36 and 18:48. Claire Jones also finished under 19 minutes in fifth with 18:58.

NJ#4 ranked Hillsborough was also in this race and finished second as a team with 85 points. They were led by junior Chloe Wong in fifth with a time of 18:58. 

Five girls went under 19 minutes in total, to add to those mentioned above Nicole Vanasse of The Pingry School was in third 18:55. 

Top Three Girls Teams

1Ridge HS211+2+4+6+8 (12+16)0:45 1-5 Split | 18:57 Avg
2Hillsborough HS855+11+19+23+27 (31+39)1:54 1-5 Split | 20:05 Avg
3Montgomery HS1099+10+13+34+43 (48+60)2:28 1-5 Split | 20:29 Avg

Ridge Girls Performance Summary

F 5000m1Caitlin Haggard18:36.001
F 5000m2Catherine Giuseffi18:48.002
F 5000m4Claire Jones18:56.004
F 5000m6Shayna Bains19:04.006
F 5000m8Amanda Passman19:21.008
F 5000m12Emily Hirsch19:47.0012
F 5000m16Meghan Convery20:05.0016

On the boys side William Hill of Franklin Twp brought home yet another trophy winning his county championship with a 15:53. That was his fifth win of the season at an invitational and or championship quality meet. He had some strong competition for that fifth win though with Ajay Sarathy of Montgomery in the race. Sarathy took second just three seconds behind at 15:56, they were the only two to run under 16 minutes. 

Montgomery wouldn't put Sarathy's second place finish to waste as they scored 49 points and averaged 16:41 to seal their county championship. Robert Tidona and Dillan Spector finished fifth and sixth to help that cause both crossing the line at 16:44. See their full team summary below. 

Top Three Boys Teams

1Montgomery HS492+5+6+17+19 (21+22)1:09 1-5 Split | 16:41 Avg
2Hillsborough HS834+13+18+20+28 (30+32)0:51 1-5 Split | 17:04 Avg
3Ridge HS867+15+16+23+25 (31+44)0:41 1-5 Split | 17:05 Avg

Montgomery Boys Performance Summary

M 5000m2Ajay Sarathy15:56.002
M 5000m5Robert Tidona16:44.005
M 5000m6Dillan Spector16:44.006
M 5000m17Harry Gould17:00.0017
M 5000m19Pranav Reddy17:05.0019
M 5000m21Jeffrey Meyer17:14.0021
M 5000m22Austin Fan17:18.0022