NJSIAA Online Registration Reminder! Directions!

| Hello Coaches and Team Administrators it is almost state season again and the Online Registration meet pages have been open for your entries. They will all close Saturday May 16th at 11:59 pm.

| If you are new and have never used MileSplit's Online Registration or need a refresher here is the tutorial article (includes video) and step by step instructions. I am glad to help with any questions after that and can be reached at rkellert@milesplit.com. If you send a question in please include as much information as possible so I can help you. Depending on the situations - your team, username, section, and so on.

| A new feature this year, I have set each meet page to only accept teams that are attached to that section on our site's classifications. So if you can't find the boys and girls division to your meet the problem is either A.) we have you in the incorrect section on the site and we'll fix it with an email or B.) you are on the wrong meet page. Please check your classifications here. You can reach me at rkellert@milesplit.com with any questions or requests.

| Meet Pages

*PLEASE don't place your own seeds in for relays, they will show up blank when you enter and then update when we refresh seeds. Need to be verified marks automatically updated from our database.

NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Groups 1 & 4

NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Groups 2 & 3

NJSIAA Sectionals - Non-Public - A South & A North

NJSIAA Sectionals - North I - Groups 1 & 4

NJSIAA Sectionals - North I - Groups 2 & 3

NJSIAA Sectionals - North II - Groups 1 & 2

NJSIAA Sectionals - North II - Groups 3 & 4

NJSIAA Sectionals - South - Groups 1, 4, NP B South

NJSIAA Sectionals - South - Groups 2, 3, NP B North