NEW FEATURE! On the Mark Video Recap Show!

The first episode of NJ MileSplit's "On the Mark" video series highlighting some of the best performances from opening week followed by our Kick of the Week!

I'm so excited to have track and field back and opening week was so awesome it inspired me to create a video. Decided to throw this together yesterday, hope it grows to be a solid addition for our site through the rest of spring.

YOU CAN HELP! For future weeks if you capture a top highlight on video, have an awesome picture, and or interesting achievements or news send it in at or through any of our social media contacts @NJMileSplit for Twitter and Facebook. It will probably make its way into that week's video.

Next week we'll reveal what New Jersey felt about our poll this week. "What would you rather win? Penn Relays or State title?". If you have fun suggestions for future polls let me know.

If there are any errors, blatant exclusions, or mispronunciations in the video I apologize. Let me know through email.

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