State Meet Entry is Here! Online Registration 101

Registration Closes Sunday May 18th at NOON!

Welcome back to online registration coaches and team administrators. Some of you have already experienced the process during indoor season and for others this will be the first time you are claiming a team and managing your roster on MileSplit. I felt that this was a smooth transition during indoor and I thank all of the coaches for their awesome cooperation!

Below I have tried to lay out everything you will need for online registration as clearly as possible. After reading through the lists and tutorials if you still have questions I will gladly help,

                                                         Contents of this Article

                                                         Meet Pages

Before entering the meets please follow the instructions and checklist below.


1 Create a MileSplit profile if you haven't already.

2 Claim your team, preferable with a school email and providing information confirming you are the coach.

3 Once granted access, fix names, add grade years, and report and errors or duplicates on the roster to

4 Once the roster is clean go to the correct meet page and enter each event. If there is an original seed time/mark when entered it will auto update. If it is blank then re-enter when there is a performance in the database to make sure of an update. Blanks won't auto-update unless done by hand. 

5 Make sure everything is set before the deadline of May 18th 2014 at 11:59 AM

                                                         Video Tutorial 

This tutorial was made during the indoor state relays however everything is the same process.

Video Table of Contents

Note that this video was created for the State Relays, the process is the same but NJSIAA entry formalities will be different.

0:00 / From the beginning! Make a profile and claiming a team. 

1:40 / Explaining Team Manager and the features available.

2:47 / Editing, adding athletes, and correcting graduations years.

5:00 / Entering a meet. (6:30, if you want to add girls or boys after only entering one.)

Any more questions not covered in this video please email I would love to help you out. 

Word Document Tutorial will be uploaded soon, I'm trying to make a cleaner less cluttered version from the indoor one. 

NOTE - There has been a bug that arises once in a while that changes your team's admin colors to all black or one color. This means you don't see the required menu to the left of your screen while in Team Manager mode. 

Below you see the color fields labeled "Web Color 1:" and "Web Color 2:" these need to be two different colors or the menu will not show up even though it is still there.

                                                         Breakdown of Tasks

Tasks that you should email for:

-Duplicates on your roster.

-Statistical errors.

-Any questions you might have if you cannot find the answer in the tutorial first.

Tasks that you can and should do on your own:

-Correct the spelling of names.

-Correct graduation years.

-Create freshman that haven't ran as of yet if needed for entry. Note as they compete I will be adding them for you. 

The DO NOTS of being a team admin.

-Do not change the name of one athlete to another instead of making a new profile.

-Do not make someone's grade year to a random past graduation year to remove them from your roster. If you don't know their graduation year then you may use the last year that athlete competed as shown on their profile please use that year. I ask this out of respect for all of the hard work we have done to try and make the most accurate archive of rankings possible, from the 1st ranked to the 500th and on.

-Do not write names in all caps.

-Do not make athletes inactive unless completely necessary. 

                                                         Further Notes

  • If your athlete or team has a seed time in the database when you enter your seed will automatically be updated. If you enter without a verified seed time it will be blank and not updated so go back and re-enter when they have one. 
  • **Note to make things easier for you! - When you are editing your roster, if they are not there you do not have to add every single new athlete. Only the ones you are entering into the meet have to be made. The rest will be created automatically for you as I enter performances throughout the season. 

    This is meant to be an easier process not a hard one! haha If you are running into rough patches as we tune this first run just ask.
  • The procedure of entering your teams on, does not negate any of the seeding procedures we will be using as outlined in the tournament regulations.

    You will not be allowed to enter seed times on MileSplit. They will be placed there automatically from MileSplits' database. What will happen meet day, is the teams with "verified" times (times in MileSplits database) will have preprinted cards to submit to the clerks for seeding. Those without verified times, as in the past, will write the seed times on the cards - The top verified seed times as outlined in the tournament regulations will be protected. The handwritten cards will be seeded below the top verified (pre-printed) cards.

    To allow for smooth meet operation, you need to enter the individuals that would most likely be running a relay and up to 4 alternates. On meet day you would check off the 4 runners who are actually going to run.

    Your entire roster will be available to you the day of the meet and you will be able to change entries - but any handwritten card automatically drops out of the "protected pool" for that event.
  • If you see Team Admins that you do not know and who are not coaches send me an email to remove them. That way random users are not controlling things on your team.
  • Note * You should only be making athletes "in-active" on your roster if they are no longer in the program. If you have an athlete who doesn't run XC but does compete in track (or vice versa) just take away the XC tag next to their name by checking the athlete, and then pressing the "remove from XC" button at the top.
  • On your actual Roster in admin you may see athletes who are not from your season or who aren't on your team at the moment. That is meant to happen, we do not delete profiles on MileSplit. They move on year to year until they graduate and then they move to alumni. Even if an athlete only competed one time they have their own profile for as long as MileSplit exists.
  • If you have someone on your roster who no longer competes and you do not know their graduation year, look at the last year they competed and make that their graduation year rather than throwing a random year on their profile.

                                                           Confirming Performances

First and foremost you can always check your online registration entries and their seed time / mark. 

If you have MileSplit Insider then don't worry about this section too much as you can see the rankings. But this is useful information if you would like other ways to confirm your athlete's performances.

You will not require a subscription to confirm your seedings. There are still plenty of ways for coaches to confirm performances for free. I have already brought this to the attention of the NJSIAA. 

  • Every athlete profile's STAT FEED will remain open for free. (As seen here)
    Coaches can easily see every performance from the current season on this feed. Only the career stats are locked.
  • Now that we are heading into meets with individual performances I will begin periodically posting protected seed articles that show the top protected marks. This way we can confirm these are correct.
  • Relay performances can be viewed for free on every team page under "Relay" (As seen here)

This being said, if you do choose to support the site and subscribe you will be given access to a whole network of statistics as well as athletes' career statistics and progression. Virtual meets would be accessible for scouting other teams and so on. Some great tools for coaching in a competitive state. Plus it is always good to know where you rank among the rest of the teams in the area.