Randolph Invitational: Information, Entries, and More

The Randolph Invitational, one of the few night races you'll see in cross country, will take place this Saturday night at Freedom Park in Randolph, NJ. After starting our day of coverage at the Cherokee Challenge we will head North to give you updates and interviews from this meet. 

Meet Page Where Results and Coverage Will Be

Time Schedule is tentative: may run ahead or behind schedule.
6:00 JV Boys Groups B & C
6:20 JV Girls Groups B & C
6:40 Varsity Boys Group B
7:00 Varsity Girls Group C
7:20 Varsity Boys Group C
7:40 Varsity Girls Group B
8:00 Frosh Groups Boys A-B-C
8:10 Frosh Groups Girls A-B-C
8:20 JV Boys Group A
8:40 JV Girls Groups A
9:00 Varsity Boys Group A
9:20 Varsity Girls Group A