Greystone Course Tour: Redesigned in 2017

*The text below was written heading into the 2017 season.* 

2016 Greystone Returners: Boys - Girls

If you didn't hear the Greystone course layout in the Central Park of Morris County had to be redesigned for the 2017 season. The previous layout which had been in action since 2010 became unusable with the planned construction of a road through the old start and finish area. 

This video, which features a ride along thanks to Len Pietrewicz, shows the new course all the way through. Just keep in mind there may be some small alterations and smoothing out by the time invitationals toe the line as it is still a work in progress. A big shout out goes to the Morris County Park Commission for their effort to get this done for the cross country community. 

Greystone is home to multiple large invitationals as well as the Morris County Championships and NJSIAA North 2 Sectional meets. 

Once a finalized course map is out we will release an animated course map as well. Check out all of our 2017 season previews so far here.