Hammonton Lake Park

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2023-10-12 Atlantic County Championships
2023-10-03 Dual Meet: Hammonton vs. ACIT Girls
2023-09-19 Girls Dual Meet: Hammonton vs. Vineland
2022-10-07 Dual Meet: Hammonton vs. EHT vs. ACIT
2022-09-28 Dual Meet: Hammonton vs. Atlantic City Girls
2022-09-13 Season Opener Tri-Meet
2022-09-13 Dual Meet: Hammonton vs. Vineland vs. Mainland Girls
2021-10-05 Hammonton vs. Vineland Dual Meet
2021-09-14 Dual Meets: Hammonton vs. Egg Harbor Twp.
2020-10-26 Duals: Hammonton vs Absegami
2020-10-19 Duals: Hammonton vs. Atlantic County Tech
2020-10-13 Duals: Hammonton vs. Our Lady of Mercy Academy
2018-09-25 Tri County Conference Batch Meet
2016-10-20 Atlantic County Championships
2015-10-22 Atlantic County Championships
2014-10-23 Atlantic Co. Championships
2013-10-24 Atlantic Co. Championships
2013-10-21 St. Joseph-Hammonton
2013-09-25 St. Joseph-Cape May Tech
2013-09-18 St. Joseph-Holy Spirit-Middle Township-Pleasantville
2012-10-18 Atlantic Co. Championships
2010-10-21 Atlantic Co. Championships
2008-10-24 Atlantic County Championships
2007-10-19 Atlantic County Championships
2006-10-20 Atlantic County Championships

XC Course Rating

The higher the number the more difficult the course statistically.

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