HWS (Hunterdon, Warren, Sussex) 2022

Hamburg, NJ

Meet Information




Girls Events Go First on EVEN Years, Boys on ODD years

---Rain Date: none---


  • Team Champions ~ Scoring 10-8-6-4-2-1

  • Girls and Boys MVPs - one for the Field and one for the Track

  • Top 6 Individuals for each event will receive medals


  • Each School is allowed 3 competitors per event.

  • Coaches should only enter 3 competitors per track event on MileSplit.

  • Substitutions should be made at the truck upon arrival to the meet.

  • Emergency Substitutions for track events can be made up to the Last Call.

  • Please forward Rosters and entries to MileSplit NJ by May 17th at 12 noon.


(With Automatic Timing System)

400 Meter Intermediate Hurdles

1600Meters (Seeded)

100 Meter Dash Trials (No Semis)

100/110 Hurdle Trials (No Semis)

1600 Meters (Unseeded)

100 Meter Dash Final

400 Meters (Slowest to Fastest)

100/110 Meter Hurdle Final (swap the gender order so we do not have to adjust hurdles twice)

800 (Unseeded followed by Seeded for one gender, then the same for the other gender)

200 Meters (Slowest to Fastest)

3200 (Unseeded followed by Seeded for one gender, then the same for the other gender)

1600 Meter Relay

All Races are FINAL ON TIME unless noted otherwise.

Seeded heats will run last unless noted otherwise

COACHES: Please inform your athletes to report to their events promptly when called. As always, the track events take precedence over the field events. Athletes MUST inform the officials if they need to be excused from a field event to run.


Pole Vault / Boys at 1:30 - Open at 10'

Pole Vault / Girls to follow - Open at 7'

Bar will be raised in 6-inch increments

Girls High Jump at 2:00- Open at 4'6"

Boys High Jump to follow - Open at 5'6"

Please have athletes report to the event no later than 1:15 PM

Open Pit Long Jump (1 pit) - Trials 1:30 to 3:30

Boys Finals- 3:30 to 4:00

Girls Finals - 4:00 to 4:30

Open Pit Triple Jump (1 pit) - Trials 4:30 to 6:30

Boys Finals- 6:30 to 7:00

Girls Finals - 7:00 to 7:30

As per the rule (6.9.9.f), if the competitor fails to attempt the purposeful action of completing the requirements of the athletic challenge (jump/trial) of the event within 1 minute (or prescribed time limit) after the competitors name is called the attempt will be recorded as a foul.

We will have four officials at the pit. We will start with the 1-minute rule per jump and re-evaluate that time halfway through the event. It can either be extended or reduced based on how many total attempts are left in the competition.

***NO RUNBACKS - all athletes should have predetermined marks.

Please Note: The finals start time may be moved up if the event progresses quicker than normal.

Every jumper will get 1 measured jumped.

Boys Minimum measures LJ=16 - TJ=32

Girls Minimum measuresLJ - 12 - TJ - 26

The minimum measures for the long jump and triple jump will be adhered to.

  • Top 7 Move to Finals

Throwing Events Rotation

GIRLS - Minimum Measurements - Shot Put 26 - Discus 70 - Javelin - 70

Each Thrower will get 1 Measurement

BOYS - Minimum Measurements - Shot Put 38 - Discus 100 - Javelin - 100

Each Thrower will get 1 Measurement

Javelin - 2 Throwing Areas

  • Boys and Girls Open Throws 2:00 to 4:30

  • FINALS will begin at 4:45

Shot Put- 2 Throwing Areas (low seed and high seed)

  • Boys Shot will start at 2:00

  • Flights will be from low seed to high seed

  • Finals will be immediately after trials

  • Girls Shot will follow

Discus - 2 throwing areas (low seed and high seed)

  • Girls Discus will start at 2:00

  • Flights will be from low seed to high seed

  • Finals will be immediately after trials

  • Boys Discus will follow

The minimum measures for the shot put, discus and javelin will be adhered to.

All Flights will be set up from low seed to high seed.

3 Throws Trials - 3 Finals - Top 7 Moves to Finals - All Ties Move to Finals