Atlantic County Championships 2021

Buena, NJ
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Meet Information

Atlantic County Championships 3:30 Field Events 4:00 Track Events
LONG JUMP--3 jumps trials; pit is located on infield near pole vault
~BOYS 45 minute open pit; Followed by finals
~ After boys finals: GIRLS 45 minute open pit; Followed by finals (will follow boys finals)
TRIPLE JUMP-- 3 jumps trials; pit is located past press box outside of the track
~GIRLS 45 minute open pit; Followed by finals
~After girls finals: BOYS 45 minute open pit; Followed by finals
POLE VAULT-- *5 alive system; cards will be used
~Girls 1st, starting height 7" followed by boys, starting height 9'
HIGH JUMP-- * 5 alive system; cards will be used
~Boys 1st, starting height 5"4" followed by girls, starting height 4'4"
*5-alive ... once a jumper misses, that vaulter will make his/her next attempt at that height after four more
vaulters/jumpers have made their attempts. Therefore, he/she is vaulting/jumping in what is the fifth

SHOT PUT, DISCUS, & JAVELIN--will be pre-seeded, flighted and a rotation will be posted
Everyone's 1st throw will be measured.
The 2nd and 3rd throws must meet the minimum standards to be measured.
TRACK 4:00
400 hurdles boys then girls
100 trials boys then girls
4x8 boys
100 finals boys then girls
4x8 girls
HH trials boys then girls
1600 boys
HH finals girls then boys
1600 girls
400 boys then girls
4x1 boys then girls
800 boys then girls
200 boys then girls
3200 boys then girls
4x4 boys then girls


You can view the meet program: HERE

The live results and scoreboard link is:  HERE

 Just wanted to announce the field rotation and give some additional info.

1. Field rotation  (shot, disc and Jav) Boys have 2 flights in each and girls have 1 flight in each

      1st rotation:   Boys Jav and Girls Shot

      2nd roation:   Boys Shot and Girls Disc

      3rd rotation:  Boys Disc and Girls Jav

2. Field rotation  (Long Jump Triple Jump)

      Boys Long:  3:30-4:15  Flight one.  Jumpers do not have to jump in order but will only have that time

                             to complete their jumps

                            4:15-5:00  Flight two.   (same rules as flight 1)

                             5PM will start the finals of the Boys LJ

 Boys Triple: One flight and it will start as an open pit once the trials of the long jump ends.   All 

                           jumpers who are in the finals of the LJ will join the triple jump after the long is concluded

 Girls Long: At the conclusion of the boys LJ

Girls Triple: One flight at the beginning of the meet 

**All will have finals

3. HJ and LJ Opening heights: 

                Boys PV:  8'0"   Girls PV 6'6"

               Boys HJ:   5'0"    Girls HJ:  4'4"

4. The track is completely pre-seeded so please ensure that your athlete knows their heat and Lane or flight and position assignment.

5. All medals will be bagged during the meet and coaches can pick them up at the end of the meet.