NJIC Divisional Championships 2018

Woodland Park, NJ
Hosted by NJIC
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Meet Information

  • 2018 North Jersey Interscholastic Conference Cross Country Divisional Championships

    Tuesday, October 9th Site: Garret Mountain Reservation
                           COACHES - YOU CAN NOT ENTER MEET FROM THIS PAGE

This is just for meet information and order of races. The registration for this meet is to be completed on the weekly NJIC Registration page on the top of the NJ Milesplit Calendar for the month of September.   Click link below

  • Severe Inclement Weather Postponement Date will be Wednesday, October 10th

    Meet Director:
    Stan Fryczynski (NJIC@ymail.com)

    Upon Arrival, Coaches should report to the scoring trailer by the finish line to pick up their meet materials. Your only entry requirement is that your roster is updated each week for Tri-meets and also for the divisional championship meet. Update the roster on NJ Milesplit by 1pm on any Sunday prior the immediate upcoming meet.
  • For this championship, A school must enter a full squad in the varsity division before entering any underclassmen race. This will be checked at the starting line by the starter and enforced. Teams not honoring their divisional varsity races will not be allowed to compete in the underclass races.

    There will be 2 athletic trainers on duty at this meet. Schools are are requested to bring their AED's.

    Race Schedule

    Meadowlands Division Boys - 2:30 PM

    Patriot Division Girls - 2:40 pm

    Colonial Division Boys - 3:00 PM

    Meadowlands Division Girls - 3:10 PM

    Patriot Division Boys - 3:30 PM

           Colonial Division Girls - 3:40 PM

           Freshman Boys & Freshman Girls - All Divisions - 2 Miles - 4:00pm - No Team Scoring (Separate Awards)

           JV Boys - All Divisions - 5K -- 4:15 PM - No Team Scoring

           JV Girls - All Divisions - 5Ks - 4:30 PM - No Team Scoring

*NJIC Championship Medals to the first 3 teams in each varsity division.

*Individual NJIC Championship Medals to 1st-10th in each varsity division.

*Individual medals to 1st-10th in the junior varsity and freshman divisions; NO team awards