Passaic County Championships 2018

Wayne, NJ
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Meet Information

Passaic County Championships 

5/8+9  Wayne Hills High School

Online Registration Help

Attention Coaches - Entries close 5/5 at 6pm!!!!

To make your lives easier for entries - all you need to do are the following things to allow you maximum flexibility on the day of the meet.

1) Register your team to the meet:

Then pick the one event (10k racewalk) and enter in anyone and everyone that can participate. We will then have complete access to your entire roster.

2) Now, in order for us to have access to *ALL* of your athletes - you need to clean up your roster on milesplit!!! Anyone who could possibly run should be listed on your team roster (Don't forget the year of graduation!) and also the Track 'tag' or box enabled. If they are not listed on your roster on milesplit *AND* have that Track tag enabled - we cannot get their information!!

Anyone who is NOT on the team - should be just labeled as Inactive!! Do *NOT* delete competitors!

Make sure your athletes are entered on milesplit - We will *NOT* add any competitors on the day of the meet!