The Throw Down on Indoor Monmouth County Champs




The Throw Down on the Monmouth County Championships – Males

*First set of numbers represent Flight throws, second set of numbers represent Final throws*

1. Jason Bryan (Rumson-Fair Haven) – 52-09.00

·         50-01.00   48-11.75   50-11.00

·         Foul   Foul   52-09.00

2. Alex Berger (Christian Brothers Academy) – 50-10.75

·         Foul   47-06.50   47-08.25

·         50-10.75   49-11.75   48-09.75

3. Chris Green (Saint John Vianney) – 48-10.75

·         48-10.75   Foul   47-05.75

·         45-08.25   47-06.00   47-02.75

4. Saquan Gwaltney (Long Branch) – 47-01.00

·         Foul   44-10.75   45-11.25

·         44-06.00   41-01.00   47-01.00

5. Tim Knipe (Christian Brothers Academy) – 46-11.75

·         Foul   44-06.50   45-06.25

·         45-08.00   46-11.75   46-06.75

6. Xaire Williams (Red Bank Regional) – 44-07.00

·         44-07.00   Foul   43-00.00

·         43-02.50   Foul   44-04.50

*Special Note* Tyliek Jones (Asbury Park), was disqualified in the finals flight for using an 8.8lb shot put following his fourth throw of the day and first throw of the finals flight. His best mark prior to being disqualified was 50-03.25 (3rd place).

Following Jason Bryan’s victory at the Monmouth County Championships in the shot put, NJRunners caught up him.

            The fifth and final flight, along with the finals at the Monmouth County Championships, felt like a warzone on January 18. At the John Bennett Indoor Sports Complex, Monmouth County schools ascended upon the bubble to compete in what was supposed to be a standard county championship meet, however, it proved to be something more.

            The winner of the night was Jason Bryan of Rumson-Fair Haven who ended the night with a PR of 52-09.00. That toss happened to be the last one of the night, and once the measurement was announced, everyone in the shot put vicinity cheered and applauded Bryan.       

            “I was honestly more focused on Sectionals, States and MOC, but I was still expecting to throw fairly well today,” said Bryan. “I was pumped and couldn’t believe I hit a PR tonight, it’s unbelievable!”

            Not only was Bryan’s winning throw a great mark, but so were his other throws leading up to the night’s best. Minus a few fouls, only one of was his throws were in the upper 40s, while the rest crowned 50.

            “I felt great today, because recently I've been a bit of a slump and have been fouling more than I should be,” said Bryan. “Tonight though I only fouled twice and all of my throws were right around 50.”

            Not everyone throwing felt great on Friday though. The final flight started off choppy with a few spinners losing control and sending heavy artillery into spectators more than once. However, probably the least joyful moment of the night, was when Tyliek Jones of Asbury Park was disqualified after the shot put retriever noticed his implement weighed less than it should have. The shot put, which weighed at 8.8lbs and marked prior to the start of the meet by officials, had allowed Jones to hit 50-03.50 with a simple standing throw. The shot put was measured again following Jones’ fourth throw, and he was immediately disqualified.

            Bryan isn’t going to let the drama of the night, or his new PR, take his attention away from training for the rest of the week. He refuses to let any of it distract it from his goal.

            “My next meet is the Shore Conference this Friday,” said Bryan. “I am going to keep doing what I’m doing, including lifting and working on my technique. I just got to go for it.”



The Throw Down on the Monmouth County Championships – Females

*First set of numbers represent Flight throws, second set of numbers represent Final throws*

1. Chloe Yelle (Monmouth Regional) – 34-08.25

·         34-03.75   33-07.75   32-01.75

·         31-00.00   34-08.25   Foul

2. Michelle Mazza (Ocean Township) – 34-03.25

·         31-09.00   34-00.00   34-03.25

·         31-09.50   32-04.75   32-09.00

3. Jada Taylor (Neptune) – 34-02.00

·         30-08.75   Foul   Foul

·         32-01.75   32-08.25   34-02.00

4. Cassandra Spano (Marlboro) – 33-00.00

·         33-00.00   Foul   30-00.50

·         30-01.50   Foul   Foul

5. Jordyn Styczynski (Saint John Vianney) – 30-08.50

·         29-01.75   Foul   29-10.00

·         Foul   29-01.00   30-08.50

6. Yameenah Mayfield (Freehold Boro) – 30-04.25

·         30-04.25   27-01.50   28-11.50

·         28-10.00   28-08.50   30-00.75

Following Chloe Yelle’s victory at the Monmouth County Championships in the shot put, NJRunners caught up with her.

            At the Monmouth County Championships on Friday, January 18, the females’ shot put event ran quite smoothly when compared to the males’ segment. There were 4 flights of female competitors and all of which were made of at least fifteen athletes. In the end though, first through third place places were decided by less than six inches. While the gold went to Chloe Yelle of Monmouth Regional, with a mark of 34-08.25, Michelle Mazza of Ocean Township, and Jada Taylor of Neptune took second and third respectively.

            “I was hoping to throw 35 tonight because I’ve been sick and been a little slump lately,” said Yelle. “There are no excuses though, I needed to throw harder and I did on my very last throw but sadly I fouled it.”

            Heading into the finals flight, Yelle’s best mark of 34-03.75 was only half an inch better than Mazza’s 34-03.25. On Yelle’s fifth throw of the night, she opened the lead a few more inches to bring her to the winning score of 34-08.25. Mazza wasn’t able to capitalize only throwing in the 32 range during the finals.

            “I think overall my throws were decent enough tonight,” said Yelle. “It’s unfortunate that last one was a foul because it was past that 35 mark.”

            Yelle’s next meet is the Shore Conference Championships on January 25. She knows what she has to do this week in order to perfect her technique.

            “I’m going to work on getting through the circle faster,” said Yelle. “If I can just get some more speed, 35 will be no problem all the time.”