Venue Leaders: New Jersey's Best At Local Facilities 2023

From the banked turns of Ocean Breeze to the flat track of the Bubble, the venues we compete at during the indoor season have their own history, characteristics, and speed.

Here are New Jersey's 2023 leaders and rankings at all of our major multi-meet venues in the area.

New Jersey Venue Leaders & Rankings


Toms River, NJ

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The official name is the Rothman Orthopaedics Sports Complex at the John Bennett Athletic Center, also known simply as "The Bubble" to those who meet here. It first began hosting high school meets during the 2007 winter season. 

This place hosts a majority of New Jersey's indoor track and field action being centrally located and one of the few indoor track and field venues within New Jersey borders. The Bubble still hosts NJSIAA State Relays, Sectionals, and Groups.

A 200m flat track, a throwing sector, a pole vault runway, and a sand pit jump runway.

The database for the Bubble is also mostly complete if not complete so switch the year to 'All' and check out some of the all-time history, venue records, and rankings. 

Ocean Breeze

Staten Island, NY

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The Ocean Breeze Park Track and Field Athletic Complex began hosting high school track and field during the 2016 indoor season.

This state of the art facility features a bright open space with banked turns that can raise or lower, infield straightaways, two sand pits jump runways, two pole vault runways, and two caged throwing sectors, along with grandstand seating overseeing the track.

Despite being outside Jersey borders, many New Jersey based meets now call this venue home including the NJSIAA Meet of Champions. 

The Armory

New York, NY

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The longtime famous Armory Track in New York has hosted many New Jersey based meets,  local championships, major Northeast invitationals, and national events.

It first opened in 1911 as, you guessed it, an actual armory for the military and through the many decades that followed the Amory served a wide-range of purposes including providing services to the homeless and hosting track meets on the beat up wooden surface that graced the floor.

The track really changed into what it is known as today when it reopened its doors following a major renovation project spearheaded by Dr. Norbert Sander in 1993. The current building hosts a banked track, infield straightaways, a pole vault runway, two sand pit jump runways, a caged throwing sector, and balcony seating around the track.

Jersey City Armory

Jersey City, NJ

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The Jersey City Armory was built in 1937 and has served as headquarters for the state's National Guard. Outside of this the building has served a number of entertainment events, sporting events, exhibits, and of course local track and field invitationals and championships.

A 200m flat track, the surface has since been redone since the picture above.  

Drew University

Madison, NJ

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The Simon Forum at Drew University houses an indoor 200m flat track. In terms of high school track and field the facility primarily hosts Morris County area invitationals and championship meets.

Jadwin Gym - Princeton University

Princeton, NJ

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This venue was a longtime host of the NJSIAA State Championships, right up until the Bubble came along. It now hosts a handful of high school invitationals each year. The venue offers grandstand seating that overlooks the Princeton University basketball court and the track further behind it.

This is a 200m flat track, infield straightaways, a throwing sector, vaulting runway, a sand pit jump runway.  

The Future?

Somewhere, NJ

At some point will a state of the art facility be constructed within New Jersey borders? The hope is certainly there, but the means have yet to be discovered.

A banked track, dedicated throwing and jumping areas, spacious crowd seating. A place for elite competition between not only New Jersey athletes but talent traveling in from around the country.

New Jersey is one of the most talented states in the sport, between the athletes here currently and those who once called the Garden State home but now compete away at college or the professional level. Any lottery winners with a love for track and field in New Jersey?


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