How To Advance To The 2021 NJSIAA Meet of Champions

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To put it simply there will be three individual qualifiers in each event and two relays to auto advance. Wildcards will take the next best nine athletes from each location as well as the next six best relays from each location.

The advancement process really remains the same as 2019, the only difference is there is a third location which adds nine more athletes and six more relays to the wildcard pool.

The major overhaul to the advancement system first came in 2018 and saw minor adjustments in 2019.

Group Meet Information

Sectional Results and Coverage

The Advancement Rules

Individual Events - Both Track and Field

  • There will be 45 athletes who advance in each individual event.
  • Place Advancement: The top THREE finishers in each individual event from each group, making 18 automatic qualifiers. 
  • Wild Cards: The combined top nine next best performances from each Group meet location that haven't qualified already by place, making 27 wild cards. 

Relay Events 

  • 30 teams will advance in each relay event. 
  • Place Advancement: The top TWO finishers in each Group, forming 12 automatic qualifiers.
  • Wild Cards: The combined next six best times from each Group meet location that haven't qualified already by place, forming 18 wildcards. 

Note that the wildcards were split between each Group Championship location to account for different weather conditions. If one site had a weather or wind advantage it won't take up all of the wildcards. 

Results and Coverage from the Outdoor Meet of Champions 1996-2019

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