Travis Mahoney's Eight Weeks Of Training Ahead Of 7:41

At the end of February New Jersey's ownTravis Mahoney, who runs professionally for the Hoka NJ*NY TC and coaches at Old Bridge HS, posted a big time 3000m performance of 7:41.94 for fifth at theBoston University Last Chance Invitational. Mahoney was kind enough to write up the eight weeks of workouts leading up to his big race.

While this is a really interesting read, do remember that Travis is a professional and he's built up to this training level. For our high school viewers CBA Coach Sean McCafferty brought up a good point on twitter to learn what you can from this but do not carbon copy it.

Travis Mahoney is also the Meet Director for the annual summertime Monmouth Mile #subfourattheshore meet. NJ MileSplit been there to cover the action the past few years, check out the sub-4 mile from the 2019 meet here.

Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8

By Travis Mahoney

Week of Jan 27th (73.5)

Monday- Easy 6/4 double 630/7 min avg-
Both runs were later than expected with the armory trip malfunctioned. Felt good on both. Ran quick on the 6, slow on the 4

Tuesday-12 miles, 6 mile tempo on my own
absolute grind, was digging the last 2. The 3k race Saturday, 16 mile LR Sunday, the weather today, being solo blah blah lots of excuses to why today was really hard but I got it in.
Splits: 5:00, 5:00, 4:52, 4:57, 4:53, 4:54

Wednesday- Easy 8/3 double plus lift.
Tried to keep the 8 in the AM at 7 min but quickly found myself at 640s

Thursday- 8 easy 7:20 pace
Yepp felt the double and lift from yesterday. Jumped on the treadmill to control my pace today. Recovery at 720, felt great keeping it controlled and just having a real flush/recovery for 60 min

Friday- 10 miles-. 8am Armory
3x(4x400) rep rest 60 seconds for the first 2 sets, 90 seconds the last set. 3 min between. 61, 60, 59
61.3, 61.4, 60.8, 61.3
59.8, 60.3, 60.2, 60.1
59.1, 58.6, 58.9, 58.2
60.02 avg
Felt like it should, it was difficult the last set but got it done. Big week so happy to get this all in on pretty tired legs and solo.

Saturday- 8.5 easy 6:30 avg.
Wow I felt great coming off yesterday. Very sore waking up but stretched rolled and was 620 pace by 5 even though I was trying to slow down. Thought about doing 9 or 10 but kept it 8.5

Sunday- 14 miles 6:29 avg
Felt good and was quick out the door. Meet yesterday and did not get home till 10ish. Slept in and felt good, last 10 min I was tired but that was it.