Six Flags Wild Safari Meet Preview and Race Assignments

Meet preview courtesy of Jim Schlentz. 

The Six Flags Wild Safari Invite enters year ten.  We changed the course last year due to construction for the solar panels at Hurricane Harbor.  We will stay with the new course that features more running in front of the spectators and less in the sandy Safari ground.  

The course records are now Abby Loveys (Randolph, NJ) 17:39 for the girls and Sebastien Reed (Pitman, NJ) 15:39 for the boys.  This year's race features teams from 7 states, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  More than half the teams are from out-of-state, as in the previous years, so everyone gets to race against teams they would normally not see.  

Remember, the fastest 7 boys and girls (The All-Six Flags Team) and the fastest boys and girls team get special awards in the park and then get a pass to cut the line at the ride of their choice.  There will be no awards ceremony (no one wanted to leave the ride line they were in), instead, teams and individuals can pick up these special awards at the end of the meet or in the park, by the fountain, when you enter, between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Both the boys and girls races have outstanding individuals.  Many will compete in different races so we will see who gets pushed enough to run the top time of the day.  

On the boy's side, we have 2 returnees from last year's All-Six Flags team.  Sebastien Reed (Pitman, NJ) was the fastest and Daniel Shepard (North Rockland, NY) was 4th fastest.  Reed ran 4:21/9:27 (1600/3200) and Shepard 9:41 (3200) last spring.  The fight to make the All-Six Flags team will most likely come from the following: Jesse Campoverde (Lakeland Reg, NJ) 4:23/9:28 (1600/3200), Matt Bogdan (Colts Neck, NJ) 4:21/9:29 (1600/3200), Luke Luskin (West Morris Central, NJ) 4:23/9:28 (1600/3200), Jacob Ireland (Riverdale Kingbridge Acad, NY) 9:28 (3200),  Theodore Davis (NV Demarest, NJ) 4:24 (1600), Peter Cembalest (Packer Collegiate, NY) 4:22/9:33 (1600/3200), Robert Hannon (Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ) 9:34 (3200), Rishi Sharma (Manalapan, NJ) 9:37 (3200), Robert Hymans (Ramapo, NJ) 9:43 (3200).  As you look at the favorites in each division, you can see there are many more contenders.

The fight for the fastest boys team average should be wide open this year but last year's runner-up, Manalapan, NJ, has everyone back.

The girls meet returns only two of the All-Six Flags team from last year's meet.  Corrine Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) was 3rd fastest and Ava Jolley (North Salem, NY) was 7th fastest.  Barney ran 11:01 (3200) and Jolley ran 10:07 (3000) last spring  Others to watch for the All-Six Flags team (fastest 7 of the day): Charlotte Bednar (Lawrenceville School, NJ) did not run track but was 12th at Nike Cross Nationals running for Hun School, NJ, Julia Trethaway (West Morris Central, NJ) 4:48/10:19 (1600/3200), Ava Gordon (Rock Ridge, VA) 5:03/10:54 (1600/3200), Emma McGill (Voorhees) 4:55 (1600), Grace Motta (Elwood/John Glen, NY) 4:40 (1500), Katie Turk (Carmel, NY) 4:42 (1500), Sofia Condron (Elwood/John Glen, NY) 4:42 (1500), Natalie Shapiro (Colts Neck, NJ) 10:59 (3200), Phoebe Ward (Dobbs Ferry, NY) 10:25 (3000), Allison Lounsbury (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:13 (3200), Catherine Wimmer (Red Bank, NJ) 11:15 (3200), Cassandra Daniele (Matawan, NJ) 11:18 (3200), Madeline Heintz (James Robinson, VA) 11:19 (3200),  Rachel Cryster (Hanover, VA) 11:22 (3200), Lily Shapiro (Colts Neck, NJ) who ran her XC debut in 18:03.  There are so many good girls this year.

(add 20 secs to 1500 to make 1600 time and 42-45 secs to 3000 to make 3200)

For the girls, we have some great teams.  Indian Hills, NJ #3 NJ, Colts Neck, NJ (unranked in NJ), and many more.

We used NJ MileSplit rankings, NY MileSplit rankings and PA MileSplit.

Let's look at each race and see who the top individual and teams are. The times next to the runners are either their best 2019 spring time or their personal best.

Varsity A

Boys: This one is a rematch of last year's winner and runner-up, Daniel Shepard (North Rockland, NY) 9:41 (3200) and Rishi Sharma (Manalapan, NJ) 9:37 (3200).  Others: Brandon Lewis (Eleanor Roosevelt, Wash DC) 9:50 (3200), Charlie Blundell (Rock Ridge, VA) 9:50 (3200), Amaresh Chittigidde (Edison, NJ) 4:27 (1600), Matt Penna (Southington, CT) 9:56 (3200), Christian Noa (McKee/SI Prep, NY) 9:58), Add Malav Mehta 9:48, Jeremy Garcia 9:50, Kyle Spector 9:53, and Ryan Friedman 9:54 (3200), all from (Manalapan, NJ).

Teams: Manalapan, NJ, North Rockland, NY (#12 Class A), St Anthony's, NY

Girls: Ava Gordon (Rock Ridge, VA) 5:02/10:54 (1600/3200), Jaime Diedel (North Penn, PA) 11:15 (3200), Madeline Heintz (James Robinson, VA) 11:19 (3200), Taylor Semon (Rock Ridge, VA) 11:33 (3200), Meagan Mahon (Toms River North, NJ) 11:35 (3200), Olivia Takla (Toms River North, NJ) 11:46 (3200),Ashley Minns (Kellenberg, NY) 11:07 (3000), Kate Cochran (Washington, NJ) 11:53 (3200), Sarah Kulpa (Monroe, NJ) 11:55, Samantha Carella (Monroe, NJ) 11:56 (3200), Javon Watts (CH Flowers, MD) 11:57 (3200), Sarah Larose (Smyrna, DE) 11:58 (3200), Maura Keane (Washington, NJ) 5:18 (1600) and Jacqueline Izzo 11:42, Lauren Verrilli 11:50, Grace Michaud 11:58 (3200) of (Southington, CT), Arionne Riddick (Menchville, VA) 5:17 (1600).

Teams: James Robinson, VA, Rock Ridge, VA, plus Kellenberg, NY, North Penn, PA have always done well at this meet

Varsity B

Boys: Matt Bogdan (Colts Neck, NJ) 4:21/9:29 (1600/3200), Gabe Puleo (Phoenixville, PA) 4:25 (1600), Zach Van Houton (East Meadow, NY) 9:47 (3200), Kyle Roeder (Colts Neck, NJ) 9:49 (3200), Avery Skolnick (Fox Lane, NY) 4:29/9:52 (1600/3200), Finn Ratajack (Brewster, NY) 9:53 (3200), Patrick Ford (Brewster, NY) 9:53 (3200), Jayden Abraham (East Meadow, NY) 9:58 (3200), Zach Martin (Carmel, NY) 4:30 (1600), Cole Myers (Hanover, VA) 4:31 (1600).

Teams: Colts Neck, NJ, Brewster, NY

Girls: Katie Turk (Carmel, NY) 4:42 (1500), Natalie Shapiro (Colts Neck, NJ) 10:59 (3200), Lily Shapiro (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:07 (1600), Rachel Cryster (Hanover, VA) 11:22 (3200), Jade Tricomy (Toms River South, NJ) 5:14/11:52 (1600/3200), Kavita Shah (Colts Neck, NJ) 11:36 (3200), Madison O'Neill (Phoenixville, PA) 11:41 (3200), Arianna Sakoutis (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:15 (1600), Taylor Guthrie (Toms River South, NJ) 11:52 (3200), Kelsey Pereira (Cliffside Park, NJ) 12:01 (3200).

Teams: Colts Neck, NJ; Brewster, NY (#17 Class B), Mountain View, VA

Varsity C

Boys: Luke Luskin (West Morris Central, NJ) 4:23/9:28 (1600/3200), Theodore Davis (NV Demarest, NJ) 4:24 (1600), Robert Hymans (Ramapo, NJ) 9:43 (3200), Teddy Purdon (Red Bank, NJ) 9:53 (3200), Jack Welch (Concord, DE) 4:28 (1600), Ben Gillikin (West Morris Central, NJ) 4:29 (1600), Jake Calviello (Indian Hills, NJ) 10:04 (3200).

Teams: wide open

Girls: Corrine Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:01 (3200) is defending champion, Julia Trethaway (West Morris Central, NJ) 4:48/10:19 (1600/3200), Cassandra Daniele (Matawan, NJ) 11:12.10 (3200), Allison Lounsbury (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:13 (3200), Catherine Wimmer (Red Bank, NJ) 11:15 (3200), Abbey Churchill (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:25, Madeline Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:27 (3200), Lauren Judd (Ramapo, NJ) 11:27 (3200), Carly Woelfel (South Side, NY) 10:45 (3000), Meredith Schrock (Marple Newton, PA) 11:36 (3200), Scarlett Jekic (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:39 (3200), Vivian Kase (Daniel Boone, PA) 11:53 (3200), Ellie Lester (NV Demarest, NJ) 11:53 (3200), Emma Klouchek (Seneca, NJ) 11:54 (3200), and Laura Cota 5:13 (1600), Caroline Moy 11:40 (3200), Meghan Kelly 11:59 (3200) of (Summit, NJ).

Teams: Indian Hills, NJ (#3 NJ); Summit, NJ, South Side, NY (#18 Class B)

Varsity D

Boys: Jacob Ireland (Riverdale Kingbridge Acad) 9:28 (3200), Jesse Campoverde (Lakeland, NJ) 10:02.12 (3200), Peter Dixon (Barnaget, NJ) 9:46 (3200), Ethan Wood (Holmdel, NJ) 10:02 (3200), Mason Murphy (Lakeland, NJ) 10:06 (3200).

Teams: wide open

Girls: Charlotte Bednar (Lawrenville School) 12th in NXN, Emma McGill (Voorhees) 4:55 (1600), Grace Motta (Elwood/John Glen, NY) 4:40 (1500), Sofia Condron (Elwood/John Glen, NY) 4:42 (1500), Sophia Steidle (Collingswood, NJ) 11:39 (3200), Emily Sell (Voorhees) 11:41 (3200), Lindsey Field (Manasquan, NJ) 11:42 (3200), Emily Lamena (Elwood/John Glen, NY) 10:58 (3000), Abigail Horevay (Lakeland, NJ) 11:55 (3200), Sophia El-Zahr (Voorhees) 11:55 (3200), Lillian Sarno (Barnegat, NJ) 11:57 (3200).

Teams: Voorhees, NJ (#9 NJ), Elwood/John Glen, NY

Varsity E

Boys: Sebastien Reed is the defending champion.  Sebastien Reed (Pitman, NJ) 4:21/9:27 (1600/3200), Peter Cembalest (Packer Collegiate, NY) 4:22/9:33 (1600/3200), Robert Hannon (Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ) 9:34 (3200), Declan McDonnell (Tatnal, DE) 9:48 (3200), Mike Ranegan (St Mark's, DE) 9:59 (3200),

Teams: wide open

Girls: Ava Jolley (North Salem, NY) 10:07 (3000), Phoebe Ward (Dobbs Ferry, NY) 10:25 (3000),Tiffany Herrera (St Mark's, DE) 11:47 (3200), Lianna Rieser (Nazareth Acad, PA) 11:48 (3200), Juliette Intrieri (North Salem, NY) 11:14 (3000), Stephanie Herrera (St Mark's, DE) 12:00 (3200),Caitlyn Guilfoyle (Hastings, NY) 4:56 (1500), Eva Demarco (Dobbs Ferry, NY) 4:56 (1500),

Teams: North Salem, NY (#16 Class C)