Indoor 2020 NJSIAA Dates Announced, Last Chance Meet Added

Nakaja Weaver won the first ever indoor NJSIAA Long Jump Showcase and returns to defend her title in 2020. 

The NJSIAA has released their 2020 dates for the Indoor Track and Field season. If you missed the Minutes from the End of Season Spring Committee meeting you'll find the Outdoor and Cross Country dates there as well.  

There are a few changes of note here:

  • Meet of Champions is moving to Ocean Breeze and will take place on a Sunday
  • While the Relays remain around the same dates as last year the Sectionals, Groups, and MOCs move back in the schedule. 
  • Each Relay Championship will have their own day. 
  • The NJSIAA has added a last chance meet for athletes looking to compete in the Showcase 200m, long jump, and triple jump events. This will take place the Monday before MOCs. 

State Relay Championships

All these dates remain at the Toms River Bubble. You'll notice each Group now has their own day for State Relays. The days range from Wednesday, January 15th, to Monday, January 20th. 

1/15Group 1
1/16Non-Public B
1/17Group 2
1/18Group 3
1/19Group 4
1/20Non-Public A

State Sectional Championships

All these dates remain at the Toms River Bubble. Two week schedule with Groups 2 and 3 ranging from Friday, February 14th, to Sunday, February 16th. Groups 1 and 4 range from Friday, February 21st, and Sunday, February 23rd. 

2/14North 2 Groups 2 & 3
2/15North 1 Groups 2 & 3
2/15Central Groups 2 & 3
2/16South Groups 2 & 3
2/21North 2 Group 1 & 4
2/22North 1 Groups 1 & 4
2/22Central Groups 1 & 4
2/23South Groups 1 & 4

State Group Championships

All these dates remain at the Toms River Bubble. The days range from Friday, February 28th, to Saturday, February 29th. 

2/28Groups 2 & 3
2/29Non-Public A & B
2/29Groups 1 & 4

NJSIAA Last Chance Meet

This is a brand new meet held by the NJSIAA that will give athletes a chance to get a last minute seed for the long jump, triple jump, and 200m. This has the Meet of Champions Showcase events in mind, and will take place at the Toms River Bubble. Date is Monday, March 2nd. 

3/2State Last Chance

State Meet of Champions

The Meet of Champions is moving to Ocean Breeze, article that broke the news is here, and will take place on Sunday, March 8th. 

3/8Meet of Champions