Sectional 5K Leaders Through Mid-October

Leaders listed as of the morning of October 17th, the linked rankings will be updated with the most recent statistics. These rankings use overall times from any course. 

Sectional 5K Leaders 

Group 1 CentralCorina VidalHenry Hudson Reg HS18:49.51Full Rankings
Group 1 North 1Lily HannMountain Lakes HS19:09.46Full Rankings
Group 1 North 2Claire ChapeauMcNair Academic HS18:52.10Full Rankings
Group 1 SouthSophie SteidleCollingswood HS19:34.07Full Rankings
Group 2 CentralEmma McGillVoorhees HS18:41.23Full Rankings
Group 2 North 1Corinne BarneyIndian Hills HS18:27.00Full Rankings
Group 2 North 2Emma McGillVoorhees HS18:41.23Full Rankings
Group 2 SouthMolly Kate SabiaPt. Pleasant Boro HS19:20.70Full Rankings
Group 3 CentralDelia RussoColts Neck HS18:43.02Full Rankings
Group 3 North 1Laura GreenMount Olive HS18:07.23Full Rankings
Group 3 North 2Julia TrethawayWest Morris Central HS17:41.17Full Rankings
Group 3 SouthJade TricomyToms River South HS18:41.34Full Rankings
Group 4 CentralCaroline MehlhornMontgomery HS18:26.00Full Rankings
Group 4 North 1Abby LoveysRandolph HS17:26.98Full Rankings
Group 4 North 2Manon StephenRidge HS18:34.00Full Rankings
Group 4 SouthIsabella TurnerShawnee HS17:52.89Full Rankings
Group 1 CentralCameron JanovicShore Regional HS16:04.36Full Rankings
Group 1 North 1Jared CooperMountain Lakes HS15:58.39Full Rankings
Group 1 North 2Hamza BarkouchMcNair Academic HS16:06.75Full Rankings
Group 1 SouthSebastien ReedPitman HS15:42.00Full Rankings
Group 2 CentralAustin GabayCinnaminson HS15:56.02Full Rankings
Group 2 North 1Bobby OehrleinIndian Hills HS16:00.00Full Rankings
Group 2 North 2Benedictus BagoSnyder HS15:48.85Full Rankings
Group 2 SouthAustin GabayCinnaminson HS15:56.02Full Rankings
Group 3 CentralLiam MurphyAllentown HS15:39.37Full Rankings
Group 3 North 1Bobby OehrleinIndian Hills HS16:00.00Full Rankings
Group 3 North 2Jack StanleyMendham HS15:35.08Full Rankings
Group 3 SouthKevin AntczakMainland Regional HS16:00.24Full Rankings
Group 4 CentralNick LundbergFreehold Township HS15:43.70Full Rankings
Group 4 North 1Luis PeraltaPassaic HS15:38.00Full Rankings
Group 4 North 2James GlockenmeierRidge HS15:43.98Full Rankings
Group 4 SouthEthan WechslerCherokee HS15:57.46Full Rankings