NJ at USATF Junior Nationals | McLaughlins Sweep, Wilson Wins

Photo by Eric Taylor of Sydney McLaughlin

USATF Junior National Championships took place this past weekend, here is a look at how our New Jersey athletes handled the competition. Spoiler alert, they did pretty well. 

Women 400 Meter Hurdles

Only a Junior, Sydney McLaughlin qualified for the World Junior Championships winning USATF Junior Nationals with a time of 54.54. She was just off her own American junior record of 54.46 set just last week at New Balance Nationals. 

As has been the focus all year she'll be competing in the U.S. Olympic Trials, July 1st through 10th, in Eugene, Oregon.

Event 10  Women 400 Meter Hurdles
    World Jr: W   54.40  2005        Xing Wang, CHN
 American Jr: A   54.46  6/18/2016   Sydney McLaughlin
     WJC Std: & 1:00.75
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Sydney McLaughlin            Unattached               54.54&
  2 Anna Cockrell                South Charlo             55.89&
  3 Brandee Johnson              Unattached               56.16&
  4 Damajahnee Birch             Arkansas                 57.67&
  5 Meleah Biermaier             Unattached               58.85&
  6 Jasmine Barge                Nebraska                 59.09&
  7 Markeeta Thomas              Clemson                1:00.16&
 -- Jessica Duckett              Tulane                      DQ  

Men 400 Meter Hurdles

Taylor McLaughlin completed the family sweep of the USATF Junior 400 meter hurdles winning his final with a time of 50.74. He was also a star at Union Catholic and has produced a fantastic freshman year at the University of Michigan since graduating in 2015.  

Cory Poole of East Orange Campus HS was also in the final finishing fourth with a time of 51.91, he is only a junior. He was second at nationals last weekend running 51.56 and ranks US#3 among all high school athletes in this event. 

Event 30  Men 400 Meter Hurdles
    World Jr: W 48.02  1984        Danny Harris, USA
 American Jr: A 48.02  6/17/1984   Danny Harris
     WJC Std: & 53.20
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Taylor McLaughlin            Michigan                 50.74&
  2 Amere Lattin                 Houston                  51.30&
  3 Justin Alexander             Hall of Fame             51.74&
  4 Cory Poole                   Unattached               51.91&
  5 Cody Johnson                 Unattached               52.92&
  6 Julian Body                  Unattached               52.93&
  7 TreShon Woods                Unattached               53.63

Women Shot Put & Hammer

Alyssa Wilson and Nickolette Dunbar placed first and third in the women's shot put throwing 52-07.25 and 50-02.5 respectively. They are ranked US#1 and US#3 for high school so far this season, Wilson's US#1 coming last weekend at Nationals where she threw 55-9.25 to win a national title. 

Event 17  Women Shot Put
    World Jr: W 20.54m  1989        Astrid Kumbernuss, GDR
 American Jr: A 18.35m  6/11/2015   Raven Saunders
     WJC Std: & 14.50m
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Alyssa Wilson                Worlds Longe            16.03m&  52-07.25
      16.03m  16.03m  15.70m  16.02m  15.27m  FOUL
  2 Elena Bruckner               Unattached              15.56m&  51-00.75
      14.17m  15.56m  15.49m  FOUL  FOUL  15.12m
  3 Nickolette Dunbar            Thrower Nati            15.30m&  50-02.50
      FOUL  12.38m  15.02m  15.27m  15.30m  FOUL
  4 Kathleen Young               Unattached              15.14m&  49-08.25
      14.99m  14.66m  15.14m  14.93m  FOUL  14.86m
  5 Olatoye Sade                 Ohio St.                15.09m&  49-06.25
      14.29m  14.74m  14.56m  FOUL  15.09m  FOUL
  6 Brenn Flint                  Utah St.                14.57m&  47-09.75
      13.69m  14.30m  FOUL  14.10m  14.57m  14.30m

Alyssa Wilson also placed 4th in the hammer marking 191-02, now ranked US#2 in an event New Jersey high school athletes don't typically get a chance to compete in!

Event 19  Women Hammer Throw
    World Jr: W 73.24m  2005        Wenxiu Zhang, CHN
 American Jr: A 68.12m  6/16/2012   Shelby Ashe
     WJC Std: & 57.50m
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Joy Mcarthur                 Unattached              62.07m&    203-08
      FOUL  FOUL  60.73m  62.07m  FOUL  FOUL
  2 Olatoye Sade                 Ohio St.                60.58m&    198-09
      60.58m  FOUL  52.15m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Haley Showalter              Wisconsin               59.17m&    194-01
      56.81m  59.17m  58.83m  57.33m  FOUL  57.47m
  4 Alyssa Wilson                Worlds Longe            58.28m&    191-02
      53.47m  FOUL  FOUL  54.44m  54.99m  58.28m
  5 Michaela Preachuk            South Ala.              58.08m&    190-07
      55.54m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  58.08m  51.99m
  6 Mikaila Martin               Houston                 57.78m&    189-07
      56.99m  57.77m  FOUL  57.78m  57.03m  55.19m

Men Shot Put

Andrew Liskowitz, who had a great career at Christian Brothers Academy, threw for fourth this weekend in the Michigan yellow and blue marking 64-03. Luke Grodeska of St. Rose, our NJ Meet of Champions winner, was 14th at 55-05. 

Event 37  Men Shot Put
    World Jr: W 23.00m  2013        Jacko Gill, NZL                       
 American Jr: A 21.90m  6/26/2015   John Maurins                          
     WJC Std: & 18.25m                                                    
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Adrian Piperi III            Unattached              20.18m&  66-02.50
      20.08m  20.10m  FOUL  FOUL  20.18m  19.96m                          
  2 Bronson Osborn               Unattached              20.07m&  65-10.25
      19.52m  19.76m  19.63m  19.62m  19.79m  20.07m                      
  3 Jordan Geist                 Unattached              19.59m&  64-03.25
      18.09m  17.87m  19.59m  18.94m  FOUL  FOUL                          
  4 Andrew Liskowitz             Michigan                19.58m&  64-03.00
      17.89m  18.50m  19.39m  19.54m  19.17m  19.58m                      
  5 Nathan Bultman               Southern California     19.48m&  63-11.00
      18.33m  19.09m  19.30m  19.41m  FOUL  19.48m                        
  6 Connor Bandel                Unattached              19.42m&  63-08.75
      17.44m  17.32m  19.04m  19.42m  19.16m  19.33m                      
 14 Luke Grodeska                Unattached              16.89m   55-05.00
      16.83m  FOUL  16.89m                                         

Women 3K Steeple

Olivia Viparina who graduated from Roxbury in 2015, placed fourth in the 3,000 meter steeplechase running 10:39.12. She now attends James Madison. 

Event 6  Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
    World Jr: W  9:20.37  2011        Birtukan Adamu, ETH
 American Jr: A  9:49.25  6/11/2016   Devin Clark
     WJC Std: & 10:45.00
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Devin Clark                  Arkansas              10:31.11&
  2 Kelly Naumann                Iowa St.              10:33.49&
  3 Rachel Nichwitz              Arkansas              10:36.55&
  4 Olivia Viparina              James Madison         10:39.12&
  5 Riley Cooney                 Kansas                10:40.16&
  6 Grace Gibbons                Iowa St.              10:43.63&

Men Javelin

Ryan Gebhardt, the 2015 MOCs winner in the javelin, placed 6th at USATF Jrs throwing 192-00. Gebhardt graduated from Wallkill Valley in 2015 and now attends Rowan University. 

Event 40  Men Javelin Throw
    World Jr: W 84.69m  2011        Zigmunds Sirmais, LAT
 American Jr: A 77.84m  6/12/2010   Sam Crouser
     WJC Std: & 68.70m
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Hudson Keffer                Arizona St.             70.05m&    229-10
      63.34m  70.05m  69.08m  66.57m  PASS  PASS
  2 Thomas Peters                Southern Miss.          62.77m     205-11
      58.66m  FOUL  62.77m  56.28m  59.40m  FOUL
  3 Ian Behm                     Akron                   62.60m     205-04
      60.34m  59.06m  57.60m  62.27m  62.23m  62.60m
  4 Derek Ziegenfuss             Eastern Mich.           60.75m     199-04
      56.60m  60.18m  57.53m  60.29m  60.75m  59.70m
  5 Dauson Booker                Unattached              60.68m     199-01
      FOUL  57.26m  56.57m  FOUL  FOUL  60.68m
  6 Ryan Gebhardt                Rowan                   58.52m     192-00
      57.45m  54.99m  53.40m  58.47m  55.72m  58.52m

Men Long Jump

Justes Nance of Blair Academy jumped to eighth in the long jump with a mark of 24-02.5. He is only a junior and has a best of 25-0 in this event. 

Event 35  Men Long Jump
    World Jr: W 8.35m  2012        Sergey Morgunov, RUS
 American Jr: A 8.34m  9/8/1972    Randy Williams
     WJC Std: & 7.55m
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind
  1 Jamari Ward                  Unattached               7.84m&  1.5  25-08.75
     7.48m(1.7) 7.84m(1.5) PASS      7.68m(1.4) 7.40m(1.0) PASS
  2 Harrison Schrage             Step Ur Game             7.70m&  0.5  25-03.25
     7.62m(0.6) 7.62m(1.9) FOUL(2.4) 7.41m(0.9) 7.70m(0.5) FOUL(1.6)
  3 Bryce Huggins                Unattached               7.68m&  1.1  25-02.50
     5.78m(2.0) FOUL(1.1) 7.45m(1.9) FOUL(1.6) 7.47m(1.1) 7.68m(1.1)
  4 Charles Brown Jr             Texas Tech               7.67m&  0.8  25-02.00
     FOUL(1.6) FOUL(2.0) 7.67m(0.8) FOUL(1.6) 6.42m(0.9) 7.34m(0.4)
  5 Steffin Mccarter             Texas                    7.63m&  1.6  25-00.50
     7.08m(1.0) 7.27m(1.1) 7.33m(0.8) 7.63m(1.6) 7.61m(2.6) 7.31m(1.5)
  6 Grant Holloway               Unattached               7.59m&  1.9  24-11.00
     7.29m(2.1) 7.48m(1.9) 7.59m(1.9) FOUL(0.8) FOUL(0.4) FOUL(2.1)
  7 Rayvon Grey                  Unattached               7.59m&  1.1  24-11.00
     FOUL(0.6) 7.28m(1.1) 7.59m(1.1) 7.31m(1.8) FOUL(1.4) FOUL(1.5)
  8 Justes Nance                 Unattached               7.38m   2.0  24-02.50
     6.69m(1.3) 7.32m(0.7) FOUL(1.2) 7.38m(2.0) FOUL(0.9) FOUL(0.5)